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How to Make a Cappuccino

How to Make a CappuccinoA cappuccino is the drink choice of many. A caffeinated brew of espresso, steamed milk, and foam, this steamy treat originated in Italy, where they would have it with their breakfast for a morning boost. Soon, it migrated to America and became a drink that people could drink at any time of day!

Caffeine has become a normal part of everyday American society, with 54% of the adult population drinking coffee daily, and around 25% just drinking it occasionally. And over 30 million American adults drink specialty coffee beverages daily! (NCA Coffee Drinking Trends Survey, 2000)

With the average price for an espresso based drink being $2.45, that can certainly add up. So how about trying to make one yourself?

Now, a cappuccino has three parts. Espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam or froth. The following will give you tips on how to make your own cappuccino; saving you money while giving you the caffeine you need to get through the day.

1/3 espresso

Now, unfortunately, in order to make espresso, you would need an espresso machine. There's no getting around that. But there are some tips you should listen to when actually making your espresso.

Make sure that you distribute the fresh espresso grounds evenly within the filter of the machine and then tamp it down evenly at around 20 lbs of pressure. (Use your own body weight when doing this! A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way when making this drink.) Then follow the instructions to your specific machine to making your espresso.

(Make sure to clean your espresso machine regularly! A dirty machine will cause bad tasting espresso.)

1/3 steamed milk

If you don't have a machine to do it for you, you can always do it yourself on the stove. However, you would need to keep the milk moving on the stove until it's hot, to avoid burning it. (If you're really pressed for time, you can always use a microwave as well!)

Next, heat the milk steadily until it reaches the point before it starts to boil. Steam should be rising off of the milk, but no bubbles should be forming.

1/3 milk foam

For the foam, or froth, you can use a specified machine to do it as well, but those can become pricey. The same froth can be created using a simple wire whisk! To get the best froth, pour some of the steamed milk into a cup that isn't too wide. Hold the whisk vertically between both of your palms and twirl it rapidly until foam starts to form. Then keep at it until you have the amount you need!

It is also important to note that you can use any type of milk for this. Skim milk tends to yield a stiffer foam, whereas whole milk's foam will be richer and finer.

To put it all together, pour the espresso into the bottom of the cup and then pour the steamed milk in until the contents in the cup double. Then spoon in the milk foam that you've created, and voilą! You have yourself a delicious cappuccino.

What you want to do from there is entirely up to you.

You can try your hand at Latte Art (where you use the foam to make cool designs on top of your cup) or you can use a stencil and some tasty garnishes to make cool designs out of things like cocoa powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, or whatever your heart desires!

Try experimenting with different spices to get different flavors and wow yourself and your guests with a very tasty drink!

You can also check out our cappuccino mix favors for personalized packets of instant cappuccino mix to give to your guests - no machine required.

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