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Wedding Picture Ideas and Locations

Wedding Picture Ideas and Locations

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Okay, so everyone who is getting married has, at one point or another, looked at wedding photos and imagined what they would want theirs to look like. Theyíre normally in very pretty locations, like parks, a place with an ocean view, or in a church.

But why not take a more non-traditional route?

Nowadays, brides are becoming a bit more creative when it comes to wedding photography ideas, incorporating different themes and styles not seen every day, and may want a different type of photographs.

There are a lot of different venues you can have a photo shoot at that you may or may not have thought about. As an aspiring photographer myself, hereís a list of my 10 favorite unconventional photo shoot locations and why I think they would be perfect for unique wedding picture ideas!

1. In the city

In a major city, there are a variety of different places you can take photos at. Try taking photos on the rooftop of your favorite building to get a different perspective on the surrounding skyline. Or, if being high up isnít quite your style (for all of those out there who are a little afraid of heights), you can try something like taking photos in an alley way. The graffiti and darker colors would make an amazing contrast against the bright wedding dress and your groomís suit. If youíre near New York, I know one of my favorite places to take photos is under a bridge in central park. Thereís so much you can do as far as positioning, to give you different lighting effects and create different moods, all by moving a couple of feet! Plus the architecture is gorgeous and a perfect backdrop. As far as the city goes, one picture I would love to see would be the couple standing near a busy street, with all of the lights in the background, and having the streaks of lights from passing cars give your photo a very modern yet whimsical feel. Modern, yet romantic, right?

2. Train Yards

Being a photographer myself, I love the looks of train tracks in photos. Posing near, or even on, the tracks in your dress would be gorgeous. My advice would be to find a rarely used train track near you and try it out. You never know, you may love the look! Just make sure that you have plenty of time for your shoot and look at the local train schedules.

3. Graveyards or Penitentiaries

For all of you brides out there who just LOVE the supernatural and ethereal look, why not a graveyard? Some people may think of this as morbid, but most graveyards are surprisingly beautiful. There are statues and beautiful buildings and mausoleums. (Just get permission first from the person or organization who owns the graveyard, because some churches may not like people taking photos like that on their property.) Another one for those supernatural lovers is a penitentiary. Recently, I visited the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia and saw a lovely couple getting their wedding photos taken there. Once again, a stark contrast between dark and light, it gives off a very different feel. Plus, some places like that will have areas open that are designated for photographers and their models. I contacted the Eastern State Penitentiary and, for a very good rate, they offer several wings that are separate from the public and left intact so photo shoots can be held there without passerby interference!

4. Nature Walks

Now, I know a lot of wedding photos have trees and flowers in the background. But why not don those hiking boots under your dress and head out for a very natural shoot? Natural lighting is sometimes one of the most flattering. And, if youíre having a fall wedding, the colors of the foliage would be a perfect backdrop for fun and romantic photos. Going along with the nature theme, you can always find a local farm where Iím sure they will allow you to take photos. Barn photos would look really pretty, as would photos from the middle of a field of wheat. Even in front of the silo or a corn field! There are a lot of fun photos you can take on a farm. Once again, just make sure to get permission from the owner! (I wouldnít want you to give a poor farmer a heart attack when they go to plow a field and find a well-dressed couple taking photos randomly.)

5. Older buildings such as abandoned warehouses, churches and theaters

Once again, Iím a sucker for the contrast between dark and light. Going to an old fashioned church for your wedding photos would be amazing. A lot of old churches have beautiful stained glass windows and older architecture, and that is sure to bring in another element to your photos that a more modern church couldnít bring. If youíre looking for something around the same theme, but you really donít want to do your photos in a church, look around for abandoned buildings such as warehouses or theaters. Itís more of a unique location and it allows for a large variety of areas where you can play around with different poses.

6. Castles

Every girl, at one point, dreams of being a princess and getting whisked away by her prince charming and living happily every after. Why not try to find a castle near you that can accommodate wedding photos? For example, in Central Park in New York City, there is a castle called Belvedere Castle. With the surrounding area packed full of trees and ponds, ending in a fabulous view of the New York skyline, it can be like your own private kingdom. (At least for your photo shoot.) You donít need to go to another country to find some amazing castles! Just research around your area, Iím sure you will able to find something.

7. On a boat, or at a lighthouse

They say water can be a symbol of love; it is constantly changing, comes in many forms, and is very difficult to grasp. (See the similarities?) So taking a trip on a boat may prove to be a very romantic photo-op for your wedding photos! You can try anything from a cruise ship, to a sail boat, or even a gondola (if your fiance wouldnít mind paddling you around of course.)

8. Museum or Zoo

Museums can be a little tricky. A lot of them do not allow flash photography, so always make sure to speak to someone in charge and see if there are restrictions regarding camera equipment, and things like that. If you ask, Iím sure they will have some set times where you would be able to come in and take photos without having to worry about crowds surrounding you. (Unless those are the kinds of photos you want, of course!)

Zooís are a little bit different. I wouldnít wear your dress in a zoo (for obvious reasons), but some pictures of you and your beau with some cute and fuzzy animals are sure to make you smile in the future when youíre looking back on them.

9. Sports Stadium of your favorite teams

Are you and your fiance avid sports fans? Why not travel to the field of your favorite sports team and take photos there? Or, if you are sports rivals, dress up in the jerseys of your choice and have at it. A little friendly competition never hurt, and your photographer is sure to get some awesome photos that will make everyone who sees them smile.

10. Amusement Park

Whatís more romantic than a ride on the Ferris wheel with your love, holding hands and kissing? Amusement parks are a great way to get fun lights and colors in your photos. Go during the day to get some shots while youíre enjoying the rides, or go at night and have fun in the bright colored lights and atmosphere. Donít be afraid to be a kid again and enjoy yourselves!

One of the major factors in a wedding photo shoot is the attitude of the people being photographed. If youíre going to be standing around in full posed photos with everyone standing at silly angles so you can stand facing the same way, it can be pretty easy to look stiff and perhaps a little bit forced. So just remember to have some fun; smile, laugh, and have a great time. Take photos in an area that you and your beau can enjoy. Hire a photographer you trust to get the shots you want. And if you have a specific vision in mind, feel free to go to your photographer and discuss your wedding photo ideas! Iím sure they will be more than happy to accommodate your vision with theirs. Good luck and happy searching!

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© November 27, 2012, Nikita Kieselowsky, Little Things Favors

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