10 Funny But Risqué Baby Shower Games
If you're like the modern moms I know, or are hosting a party for one, chances are you are looking for some funny baby shower games that are a bit unusual. How many times can you play "Don't Say Baby" or "Guess What Smell This Is" before it gets old? And chances are the younger, hip moms and her friends want to laugh and do something risque and hilarious.

We've complied the following list of ten odd but cool baby shower games for the modern mom who wants to add a little bit of spice rather than sugar to her baby shower.

Note: some of these baby shower games may be offensive to your guests, especially the older women (or conservatives) on your list. Please be mindful that these may cause blushing, horror or embarrassment. Your grandma may think these are totally inappropriate for the shower. But all of these game will cause most of your younger guests rolling in laughter!

10 Fun & Risqué Baby Shower Games

  1. How Babies are Made For this hysterical game you will need as many toilet paper rolls for 1/2 of your guest list and plungers or sticks for the other 1/2 of the guests. Pair your guests into teams - one guest will hold a plunger between her legs and their teammate will hold a roll of toilet paper. Separate the teams about 3 to 5 feet apart. At the call of "Make A Baby" the guest with the plunger stick between her legs will walk toward her teammate and attempt to get the plunger stick into the hole of the toilet paper roll. This must be done without using their hands or dropping the toilet paper roll or plunger from between their legs. The first team that successfully accomplishes this wins, however to keep the laughs going have small prizes for everyone to encourage everyone to "make a baby"!
  2. Preggers or Porn? Gather photos of women in orgasmic poses and women giving birth. If you have a computer savvy friend you can make a power point presentation of the women. If not, simply print up the photos. Give each guest either a dry erase board or sheets of paper for them to write their guesses down on. Show a picture and have guests write down their guesses and hold them up. The guest who guesses the most right wins! Alternative for the mom who doesn't like porn is Labor or Horror Film - where you would find pictures of screaming women in labor and from horror movies.
  3. Felt Up A twist on the clothespin game, the host chooses two people, blindfolds them and attaches 5 clothespins to each person in random, different spots and positions them so they face each other. The players must "feel up" the other player to find the clothespins. The player who finds the most clothespins in 1 minute wins.
  4. Who's Water Breaks First (Or I Popped My Cherry) You will either need little plastic babies from a craft store or maraschino cherries depending on which theme you play. Place one baby or cherry in a small paper cup (one for each guest) fill them with water and freeze them. The day of the shower, give each guest one cup and tell them they can do anything to get to the bottle or cherry except touch the ice. They can blow on it, put it in the sun, etc... the first person to completely break the baby or cherry free needs to stand up and say "My Water Broke" or "I Popped My Cherry".
  5. Guess the Baby Powder A twist on the guess the chocolate in the diaper game, in this you place white powder in numbered bags and let your guests write down their guesses. The one who guesses the most correct wins! White powders include: sugar, baby powder, baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch, flour, cream of tarter, pudding/pancake/cake mix, oxyclean, non-dairy creamer, plaster, artificial sweetner are some to name a few. Bonus: put formula powder in one bag and see who can figure out which it is.
  6. Tinkle in the Pot Every pregnant woman knows the joys of always running to the bathroom. Celebrate by having a race to see who can get their the fastest. Set up a line of larger jars or dishes on one end of the room and a starting line on the other end of the room. Give each woman two quarters. Each woman should place one quarter between her knees and make it to the other side and drop it in the jar or dish without using her hands. Once she gets one quarter in the pot, she will need to race back to the start line and do it again with the other quarter. Alternatively to make it even harder, make each woman stuff a filled balloon under her shirt before she waddles to the potty! This will make it more difficult to see where she is "going".
  7. Who Sucks the Best Gather a bunch of bottles with the same type of nipples (and size holes) fill them with the drink of your choice (they should all be the same). This is hysterical because it is a lot harder than it looks! Guests compete to finish their bottle first. If you have many guests, play in rounds with a winner moving to the next round. Great for a co-ed shower (especially if you fill with beer, the men will participate!)
  8. Pin the Sperm on the Egg A sexy twist on the kids classic pin the tail on the donkey game, print up from the internet a picture of a uterus and ovaries. Cut out an "egg" from paper and attach it somewhere in the uterus. Cut out sperm shapes from paper and give one to each guest. Who ever gets their sperm closest to the egg wins!
  9. Adult Baby Shower Piñata Get a piñata and fill it with normal candy, sweets and treats, then add some condoms, lube packets and wooden Popsicle sticks. On each Popsicle stick draw one line for "not pregnant" to mimic a pregnancy test. However, take one of those Popsicle sticks and draw 2 lines for "Pregnant". Play the game as you normally would taking turns hitting the piñata with a stick. Whoever finds the pregnancy stick with the 2 lines for "pregnant" wins a prize.
  10. Potty Pong For those who never have grown out of their college years, this is the spin off of Beer Pong. Also great for co-ed showers, the guys will surely play this. Depending on your crowd you could use non-alcoholic or regular beer (or shots). Place the potty at the end of a long table with the lid up and have guests stand at the opposite end of the table and attempt to land one in the potty. You can play teams or solo against another and give the chair as a shower gift in the end. Line up as many drinks as you want per team/player, take turns and the first to drink all the shots wins.

    Of course with games comes prizes to be won! We suggest for these games our baby shower favors or any of our personalized favors are inexpensive and great gifts for game giveaways!
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