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Party entertainment has always been popular - you want to throw the most memorable party while keeping your guests entertained. This idea is now starting to make its way into wedding planning - with brides wanting to throw a bash unique and fun.

Here are 10 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas:
  1. Hire an expert Wine themed wedding? Hire a sommelier to educate your guests about what they are drinking. Botanical garden celebration? Have a botanist on hand to answer all of your guests questions. Craft Beer reception? Have local beers on tap, a beer tasting bar or serve flight samplers.
  2. Photo booths and video booths are still great fun! With photo booths guests can bring home a fun picture of the day. And videobooths are the modern trend instead of a having your videographer travel from table to table.
  3. Tattoo Station Have everyone get "inked" with a temporary (removable) tattoo in order to enter your reception. If you really want to go all out, you could even hire a real tattoo artist for the evening to give small, simple tattoos such as hearts, moon, stars, numbers, names, etc. While not everyone will actually do this, some of your guests will take the plunge and get inked. The tattoos would have to be small enough to be 15 minutes or less to get the maximum guests inked. You could also hire a henna artist to make designs for your ladies that will wear off in a few days.
  4. Fun Buffets or Food Trucks Candy, coffee, cupcake, dessert, cotton candy, self-serve ice cream carts with all the toppings. Or send your guests home with an after party treat with a food truck to greet them as they leave.
  5. Caricature Artist Couples can sit down and have a portrait done of them to take home. Guests will have fun with this carnival inspired entertainment idea.
  6. Play games Such as the Newlywed & Not-So Newlywed game. The newlyweds play with two other couples who have been married a long time. Much fun and much laughs for all involved. Or a round of Family Feud - collect answers to the questions either before hand (like a survey on your wedding website - or with cards during your cocktail hour. Other games such as large word find, ring toss and cornhole are good for outdoor events.
  7. Unique Entertainers Like classical but want something different, how about a laser violinist or a aerial acrobat act to classical music during cocktail hour or during your sit down dinner?
  8. Dinner and A Show During sit down dinners, the DJ or band typically plays slow music. Why not let your guests be entertained during dinner with a show? A shot skit by actors, a comedian, a magician, a dance troupe or even a cirque du soleil type of performance will keep dinner interesting!
  9. Dancers Can help get your guests onto the dance floor or teach them some smooth moves or lead a group dance. Start your reception off right with a dancing troupe which matches your style.
  10. Drunk History Of course this will require getting one or two of the funniest members of your wedding drunk and have them narrate your history with other members of your wedding party acting it out. This is a great alternative to traditional wedding toasting speeches but make sure the bride and groom are on board before you plan such shenanigans. And keep in mind some of your older guests may not get the drunk history reference. This is great for those guests who may not know how you met and inspired by this couples' Drunk History viral video:

And don't forget to give to your guests a unique wedding favors that will be a memorable and unique keepsake for your guests.
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