100 Questions To Ask Reception Sites - Wedding Reception Checklist
Interviewing vendors for your wedding may be a bit overwhelming at times. Vendors may give you a lot of information in a very short period of time and you may not remember to ask everything you will need to. The following is a checklist of questions you can bring to reception venues you are interested in interviewing. Not all questions may apply to you or the venue. You may want to print up several sheets of these questions, one for each site you plan on interviewing. You can then take the sheets home and review each reception site before making your final decision.

Here are some questions you need to ask reception locations:

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Name and Location of Site:
Name & Phone of Contact Person:
  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. How much of your business is dedicated to wedding receptions?
  3. Do you have a portfolio of prior events that we may view?
  4. Can we tour your facility, including the restrooms, foyer, outdoor spaces, dressing rooms, bridal suite, and kitchen?
  5. In the month or season you are interested in) What dates and times are available?
  6. Will my wedding be the only one for the day/time or will other weddings/events be going on at the same time?
  7. What room is available for these dates and times?
  8. Maximum number of guests for a cocktail party / seated dinner in the available room(s)?
  9. How much time will be allotted for the cocktail hour and reception?
  10. What is your price for a seated lunch/buffet lunch?
  11. What is your price for a seated dinner/buffet dinner?
  12. Are there different pricing levels/packages for lunch/dinner?
  13. Is there a reception site fee?
  14. Are tables, chairs, table settings, glassware, silverware and linens included?
  15. Do you have space for a ceremony? (If needed – See our Ceremony Checklist for additional questions to ask)
  16. Is the dance floor included?
  17. How many people can the dance floor accommodate?
  18. Is there a corkage fee? What is the cost?
  19. Is there a cake-cutting fee? What is the cost?
  20. Are you licensed to serve alcohol?
  21. Can I provide my own alcohol?
  22. Is there a bartending fee? What is the cost?
  23. How many bartenders will be provided?
  24. Are there any alcohol restrictions?
  25. How much extra per guest is it for top shelf alcohol?
  26. What if we only wanted to serve beer and wine? What is the cost?
  27. Is alcohol calculated by consumption or priced per guest?
  28. What is the average bar tab for an event my size?
  29. Is there a fee to clean up after the reception? What is the cost?
  30. How is overtime calculated, what is the cost, how is it billed?
  31. How much is the gratuity? Is it included in the price per guest?
  32. What is the ratio of servers to guests?
  33. How do the servers dress for weddings?
  34. Is there an additional labor fee for your servers / employees?
  35. What decorations are available? What is included? What is additional?
  36. Can we come in and decorate or will you provide the service to decorate?
  37. Is there a set up fee for decorating?
  38. Are candles or open flames allowed (such as candles for centerpieces)?
  39. Are outside caterers allowed?
  40. Is the cost of the wedding cake included?
  41. Are outside bakers allowed?
  42. If yes to above, are the kitchen facilities available to outside caterers/bakers?
  43. If applicable, what is the name and address of the caterer/baker used?
  44. What is your leftover policy?
  45. Are we able to come in for a menu taste testing?
  46. Is there a fee for a menu tasting?
  47. How many people can we bring to the menu tasting?
  48. If buffet style dinner is selected, are servers provided or will it be self-serve?
  49. Is there an extra charge for buffet servers? If so, how much?
  50. Do you have a contract with entertainment vendors or can we use our own?
  51. Are there any music / sound restrictions?
  52. Can the room accommodate a band or DJ?
  53. Is there a sound system in place or do we need to rent sound equipment?
  54. Is there a changing room available?
  55. Is there a bridal suite available?
  56. Is the location handicap accessible?
  57. What is the cost of parking, if any?
  58. How many parking spots will be allotted to the wedding party/wedding guests?
  59. Is there a valet? If so, what is the cost?
  60. How many valets will be available?
  61. Can we bring in our own valet service?
  62. Is there a coatroom? Will staff be provided? At what cost?
  63. What is the payment / deposit policy?
  64. Is a deposit required to reserve the date / room? If so, how much?
  65. What kinds of payment do they accept?
  66. Can we make installment payments?
  67. What is the tax rate charged?
  68. What is the cancellation / refund policy?
  69. Do you have full liability insurance? Or do we need to purchase our own?
  70. Do you provide a written contract and guarantee?
  71. Can you put together a written proposal including all the costs, fees, taxes, gratuities and service charges so we can see a total price?
  72. Can we review the contract before we sign?
  73. Is there an additional discount if we sign today?
  74. When is the final head count needed?
  75. What if, on the day of my wedding, we fail to meet the minimum requirements?
  76. Does the head count include wedding professionals at the event? (DJs, band, photographer, videographer, etc?)
  77. Is there special pricing for feeding the wedding professionals at our event?
  78. Are there special prices for children / children’s menu?
  79. Is there a discount for booking an off-season date or an off peak time? Weekdays or Friday?
  80. Do you offer a Military, law enforcement, or teacher discount?
  81. Are there any perks, specials, or giveaways?
  82. What’s your weather contingency plan? (If it is an outdoor space)
  83. Can they waive or decrease the ceremony site fee if the reception is also held there?
  84. For outdoor spaces such as parks, beaches and gardens, are there bathrooms? What type of bathrooms? Or do we need to rent portable bathrooms?
  85. Do I need a permit from the city to have my reception here? (Typically for parks and public locations)
  86. Can tables and chairs be moved around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?
  87. Does the location provide signage, audiovisual equipment, a guest book table or a gift table?
  88. What time can my vendors start setting up on the day of the wedding? Is it possible to start the setup the day before? How early can deliveries be made?
  89. Is there a wedding coordinator provided? Is it included or at what cost?
  90. Does the wedding coordinator provide day of services and will they oversee the event that day?
  91. Who will be my main contact, can I meet them? How can I contact them?
  92. Do I need security services?
  93. Do you provide security? Do you hire them or are they on staff? At what cost?
  94. If the reception is at a hotel, is a bridal suite included in the price?
  95. Are there hotel rooms available to our guests to reserve at a discount?
  96. How much is the discount / how much is the cost of these rooms?
  97. Do you include a breakfast for our guests for the day after the wedding? If not, what is the cost?
  98. Are there any hidden costs or other costs not specifically mentioned?
  99. Ask yourself: Is this where I can envision my wedding?
  100. Was the contact friendly, welcoming and able to answer all of your questions? And would you feel comfortable having your wedding here?
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