20 Traditional Baby Shower Game Ideas
When a Mommy-to-Be first announces she is expecting, her closest friends and family begin to plan her baby shower. A baby shower is one of the most memorable moments a woman will experience during her pregnancy. It is a time for the expecting mother to get together with her loved ones to prepare and celebrate for the exciting new life that will soon be brought into the world. In order to make this special day unique and fun for all, it is traditional to play baby shower games.

20 Traditional Baby Shower Game Ideas To Play

1. “Don’t Say Baby!” This is probably one of the most popular game played at baby showers. It is also a great way for both families to get to know each other. Materials for this game are necklaces (attaching pins, pacifiers, or a baby-related charm on a ribbon is cute, simple, and creative). As your guests arrive, hand out the necklaces. Any time a guest says the word “baby,” whoever catches it gets to steal the other one’s necklace. At the end of the shower, whoever has the most necklaces is the winner.
2. Guess the Belly Size Using string or yarn (or even toilet paper), guests will pull the string to the length they think would fit around the future mommy’s belly. When everyone’s string has been cut, the guest who is closest is the winner.
3. Baby Shower Bingo Right before the Mommy-to-Be begins to open her presents, hand out blank bingo sheets to each guest. Everyone will fill in the spaces with items they think the future mommy is going to receive. As the gifts are opened, guests will mark off their sheets.
4. Who’s That Baby? Ask your guests to send you a baby picture along with their RSVP, and make a collage of the pictures. Number each picture and set up the collage where guests can see (or make copies to hand out to each person). Your guests can walk around comparing the pictures to each other, and write down their matches on paper. Whoever has the most matches is the winner. This is also a great way for both families to get to know each other. *For a last minute “Who’s that Baby?” game, try using celebrity pictures.

A little more of a budget and time will give you the opportunity to plan out more complex games. They are sure to get your guests laughing and having fun!

5. Chocolate Diaper Game – Melt different kinds of candy bars and place each in a diaper. Label each diaper, then have guests guess what kind of chocolate is in each diaper by looking, smelling, and even tasting! As an alternate, try using un-labeled jars of baby food instead.
6. Bottle Race Simply fill up baby bottles with milk or a beverage of choice. Have participants drink the bottles as fast as they can and race against one another to win. A game similar to this can be played on teams with baby food instead, where one of the teammates has to spoon feed the other and race against the other team to see who can finish the jar of food first. You can make this more fun (and more messy!) by blindfolding each team.
7. Pin the Baby on the Mommy Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, print or cut out a picture of a baby. Blindfold and spin participants and have them try to tape the picture of the baby in the center of the Mommy-to-Be’s tummy. An alternative version is pin the sperm on the egg.
8. Diaper Changing Race – Collect a few children’s baby dolls and some clean diapers. Set up a row of dolls and diapers, and have participants race to see who can “change” the baby the fastest. To make this more difficult, try blindfolding guests or changing the baby into a whole outfit instead.
9. Guess The Baby Bag Get a baby bag and fill it with at least 10 inexpensive baby items such as bottles, a pacifier, a teething ring, diapers, wipes, etc. Have each guest feel inside (no peeking) and write down everything they can find in a set time limit. The one who guesses the most correctly wins a prize and the parents get an awesome diaper bag filled with essentials.

As some women may know, baby showers can take a lot of planning and money to prepare and host. For low budgets and last minute showers, here are some games that barely require materials or difficult instructions.

10. Fill in the Blank Nursery Rhymes Create a list of lines from classic nursery rhymes and hand out copies to each guest. Remove a word or phrase from each rhyme, and have guests fill in the blanks.
11. How Many Baby Items Can You Name? Given a time frame, guests will have to make a list of all the baby items they can think of. The one with the most items will win.
12. Guess the Gift After the presents have been opened, you can blindfold participants and hand them some of the presents. They will then have to guess which item they are holding.
13. Guess the Baby Song Create a playlist of classic songs that have the word “baby” sung frequently or in the title. Play the chorus or verse of each song with the word “baby,” and have guests write down the names of each song. The one with the most correct wins!
14. Baby Pictionary With guests on teams of two, simply have one of the teammates draw baby related items while the other teammate guesses. Whichever team has the most right answers in a certain amount of time will be the winners. To make this more difficult, try blindfolding the drawer. We have a baby pictionary word list that you can print for free here.
15. Word Scramble Take a list of baby words and scramble the letters to each. Print them up on sheets of paper. The one who has unscrambled the most words in a set time period (like 5 minutes) wins a prize.
16. Baby Sketch Artist Hand each guest a paper plate and a crayon or marker. They have to hold the plate on top of their head and draw the best baby face they can make without looking. The one who draws the funniest or best face wins a prize.

Other fun ideas that don’t take a lot of planning are door prizes and raffle like games.
17. How Much is in the Jar? Using Q-Tips, safety pins, or any other small item or candy you have in mind, fill up a jar. Have guests guess how many are in the jar. The closest or exact guess wins.
18. Dirty Diapers Tape up diapers (one per guest) and put a piece of chocolate in one or two. Pin the diapers onto your guests as they arrive. At the end, whoever has the diaper with the chocolate wins a prize.
19. Baby Food Names Ask your guests to bring one jar of baby food and write their names on the bottom of the jar. Place all of the jars in a bucket, and at the end of the shower the Mommy-to-Be will pick one. The person’s name who is on the jar wins a prize, plus the future mommy gets to keep all of the baby food! 
20. Diaper Raffle Ask guests to bring a pack of diapers or two to the shower. For each pack they bring, they will receive a raffle ticket. At the end of the shower, one (or two!) lucky guest get an amazing prize and the parents to be get a ton of diapers.

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