5 Things You Should Know Before Ordering Your Wedding Cake
One of the major highlights of your wedding reception will be your wedding cake. Depending on your bridal style your wedding cake can be simple and pretty or dramatic and grandiose. But whatever you decide upon there are five things you should consider before signing that contact with your baker.

  1. First, find your style based on your wedding. Information you should know before going into a baker: How many people are attending (a rough estimate is ok). Know what type of decor the hall will have, what your budget is, your color scheme, flavor preferences and of course, your wedding date. A cake for a 30 person beach soiree will be much different than a winter wedding for 300 people.

  2. Be realistic about your budget. The more labor intensive your cake will be, the higher the cost of the cake. A cake can cost $2,000 or $10,000 depending on the decorations, size and ingredients. If you are budgeting yourself go for a cake with quality ingredients and a wonderful taste vs. a grandly decorated masterpiece. Remember, it doesn't matter how pretty the cake is if it doesn't taste good. And make sure to get a taste test of the baker's work.

  3. Don't put yourself into debt over the cake, spend only what you can afford. Ask your baker to show you examples of what can be done within your budget. Make compromises on design if you have to to stay within your price range.

  4. Ask the baker for a sketch. It should be a collaboration between the couple and the baker. Photographs of previously designed cakes are a good starting point to show you what can be done, but have them sketch out your design if you're looking for something unique. If you want more color - ask! If you want the design changed - now is the time to tell them.

  5. Choose faux flowers. We're not necessarily taking about fake flowers. Anything and everything on your cake should be edible. Real flowers run the risk of having insecticides on them - not something you want on your cake. Organic flowers are pricey and besides, real flowers have a tendency to droop and wilt. A quality baker can hand design sugar flowers so well that your guests won't be able to distinguish them from the real thing.
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