Are Bubbles Considered Wedding Favors?
Depending on how you decorate them, bubbles can be considered wedding favors. To make your wedding bubbles appear to be traditional wedding favors you can personalize them with a favor tag, ribbons, stickers, even paint to make them appear more keepsake. Some guests will choose to use bubbles as you exit, and some will keep them as a memento of your day. Plan on buying extra bubbles though because some guests may take 2 - one to use and one to keep.

From a poll of Little Things social networks, here are some user answers to the question, "Are bubbles considered wedding favors?"
    • "I think wedding bubbles count as a favor and u might be able to wrap some kind of ribbon on them to match with ur color scheme."
    • "I really had my heart set on bubbles, so those will do as our favors."
    • "I used bubble wands too and I had labels made for them with our names and date. Everyone loved them."
    • "It's really up to you. Your bubbles can count as a favor or can you do bubbles and a favor. Ive been to a number of weddings where I've gotten both."
    • "Bubbles are always fun and a great favor for both the kids and the adults."

    Here are some cute ways to use Bubbles as Wedding Favors

    wedding bubble favors

          Paint the bottoms with some glitter or your colors to make the bubble favors match your wedding. Place them in a jar, basket or box by the exit of your reception or ceremony.

    wedding bubble wands

          Or add some organza, ribbon and personalized stickers to make them seem like traditional favors. A very easy and inexpensive DIY favor to create.

    Sayings for Wedding Bubble Favor Tags

    Wedding favors2

          Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what to say on the favor tags for wedding bubbles. If you attach a cute saying to your bubbles it make them memorable - and helps show them as wedding favor keepsake. Here are a few sayings to use on your bubbles:
          • Blow Kisses
          • Blow Me
          • Blow bubbles of good wishes for the New Mr. and Mrs.
          • Since rice and seeds are not allowed, Please blow bubbles into the crowd!
          • Please blow these bubbles while our favorite song plays.
          • Our love will grow with each bubble you blow.
          • As we walk down the aisle as husband and wife, blow these bubbles as we begin our new life!
          • Use me to blow wishes as the bride & groom go away, but keep me as a token of this fun and special day!

    Bubble favors

          If you aren't sure what to put, photo stickers are also a great way to personalize wedding bubbles and make them a memorable wedding favor too.

    How Much Do Bubbles for Weddings Cost?


          Most, if not all, wedding bubbles come in sets or boxes - making their individual cost relatively cheap for wedding favors. On average, bubbles cost .40 to .60 cents - but the cost will depend on the style you purchase and if they are personalized or not. Don't forget to add the cost of printing tags or labels, ribbons, bows, charms - or anything else you may decorate them with.

    What Shapes of Bubbles Are Available?


          Bubbles come in all different shapes and sizes. Of course you could go to the dollar store and get larger bottles for your guests, but they wouldn't be as pretty as the bubbles that are made exclusively for weddings. Wedding bubbles come in wands (long tubes), mini champagne bottles (sometimes labeled as 'bubbly' so be careful that some guests don't drink them), champagne glasses, mini hexagon shaped bottles - even wedding cake shapes. Often the handles have little designs such as hearts or doves.

    Where to Buy Bubbles for Your Wedding

          Some local stores may carry bubbles near you, but if you rather shop online Little Things has a large selection at awesome prices!

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