Baby Shower Games - Printable Baby Pictionary Word Lists
Almost everyone has played Pictionary before - the classic game where a group of guests attempt to guess what is being drawn. In Baby Pictionary, guests attempt to guess words that are baby related. This game is traditional at baby showers, everyone can enjoy it - and it saves the embarrassment of many of the more outlandish baby shower games. The expectant mother can serve as the moderator for the games and decide which team has won. The one of the hardest problems with this game is creating a word list that is large enough to be played with the attendees.

Baby Pictionary Rules
  1. Split the guests into two or more teams
  2. Have index cards ready with one word on each card
  3. Have a large easel ready with a drawing pad attached to it (easily found in craft stores). Make sure the drawing surface is large enough that everyone in the room can see
  4. Have the mom-to-be draw a card from the pile for each team
  5. Have the teams pick someone to draw, each team takes turns drawing their chosen card, one team at a time
  6. Use a timer to time each team's round - you can set it for however long or short as you wish
  7. A correct answer scores the team points for the round. You can choose how many rounds to play!
Baby Pictionary Suggested Word List

Click Here to Download And Print A PDF Copy of all 3 Word Lists

Select words that are related to babies, pregnancy, motherhood and childbirth. For example

Baby Related words can be items such as:
  • bottle
  • diaper
  • bib
  • pacifier
  • rattle
  • rubber ducky
  • crib
  • onesies
  • piggy bank
  • ABC blocks
  • teddy bear
  • high chair
  • baby bath
  • crying
  • baby blanket
Pregnancy & Childbirth Related words that you can use are:
  • stretch marks
  • heart burn
  • nursing pads
  • hospital gown
  • labor
  • pushing
  • ultrasound
  • belly
  • crowning
  • body pillow
  • kicking
  • epidural
  • umbilical cord
  • hospital
  • swollen feet
Motherhood Related words you can use are:
  • diaper bag
  • sleepless nights
  • breast feeding
  • bottle feeding
  • maternity bras
  • play dates
  • postpartum depression
  • sore nipples
  • dirty diapers
  • laundry
  • doctors appointments
  • car seat
  • stroller
  • breast pump
  • love
If you'd like to personalize the game further, use things which are common to the mom and dad to be such as, occupations, baby names they may be thinking using, foods the mom is craving, pet names, where they met, favorite places to go, or anything that may be meaningful to the parents.

Don't forget the door prizes to give to the guests of your winning team! Items could be small items such as manicure kits, mirrors, keychains, spa soaps, or even make your own prizes with our Baby Shower Favors!
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