Coed Baby Shower Games - 10 Baby Shower Games For Men
If you're partner has an easy going nature or is a modern day Dad-to-be, he may not mind having a party in the baby's honor with family and friends to celebrate. While baby showers are a traditionally all women's event, increasingly there are more and more couples baby showers. From backyard BBQs to the men playing poker while the women have tea, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate the guys into the celebration.

Of course one of the ways to include Dad and his friends are playing games! Guys love sports and competition, so these game will be just the thing to keep the men entertained (and the women too watching them play!)

10 Fun Baby Shower Games For Men

  • Bet The Baby
    Hang a calendar sheet up near the entrance of the shower marked with the baby's due date. Each guest can "bet" when the baby will be born with a certain dollar buy in. You can even bet on the time of day, baby's weight, baby's height and the sex (if it is unknown). Whoever is closest wins - your choice you could give away a prize, split the pot 50/50 with the parents, or the winner can collect all.
  • Baby Hold 'Em
    Popular with the guys who like poker, play with a buy in of either a) a pack of diapers and/or b) a certain dollar buy in. The winner wins the money and the Daddy-to-be gets to take home a lot of diapers!
  • Baby Bottle Beer Race
    Inspire a friendly game of who can finish their beer first, with a catch - every man who plays needs to drink their beer out of a baby bottle. Make sure you have enough bottles with the same size nipples. Guys this is harder than you think!
  • Baby Pong
    There is nothing like the fun collegiate game of beer pong to get guys going. Set up some cups on a table and use ping pong balls to get one in the cup. The one who gets one in the cup has one of the guys drink the liquid in the cup.
  • The Multi-tasking Dad
    Have two people hold up a clothes line or tie it to two trees or poles. Give one of the guys (The Dad-to-be is the most fun) a baby doll to hold, a telephone to talk on, and a basket full of baby clothes to hang with clothes pins. The timer begins whenever the dad receives a phone call (have someone at the shower call him). He must have a conversation, hold the baby and hang up ALL of the clothes! Have all the men try it and whoever does it the quickest wins, or set a timer and see who can do it before the timer goes off.
  • Baby Toy Assembly Race
    This is a great way to get some of the baby items assembled (this may only work if the shower is being held in the home or if there are enough cars to take home all the assembled gifts). Or you can purchase two toys to have them assemble. Break them up into teams or go at it head to head! Make sure you lay out two sets of tools and see who finishes first!
  • Pregnant For A Day
    All women who have been pregnant have wished their men to be pregnant for at least one day! Here's your chance. Instruct each man to untie their shoes or if they do not have laced shoes, take a string or yarn and tie it on each of his shoes to mimic a shoestring but do not tie a bow. Place balloons under their shirts (large enough to replicate a full term pregnancy). Start the game with whoever ties their shoes first without popping their balloon, or lifting their heels off the floor wins. Naturally, they will have to be very creative to win this challenge and the women watching will enjoy this game immensely.
  • Diaper Olympics
    Nothing is better than a friendly competition - divide the men into two groups and let them form a line. Have two babies ready, dressed and in need of a diaper change! The lead man takes the baby rushes to the changing table and changes the baby fully, (you can even have them dressed) removes the diaper, wipes the baby, uses baby powder and re-diapers them. They then rush the baby back to the next guy on their team who needs to do it all over again. The first team to finish wins! A spin on this is to make sure the baby really needs a diaper change! (Melted chocolate or pudding and apple juice work well) not only do they need to finish first, but the baby must be fully cleaned by the time the last one finishes the diaper change.
  • Bad Hair Day
    This is fun for the men, because they get to "mess" with the women who made them play games at a baby shower! A few women sit on chairs and each is partnered with a man who stands behind her. Set up a scene such as: It's the first day of school and mommy is running late. It's Daddy's turn to get the baby dressed and fix her hair. Have ready bows, barrettes, ribbons, ties, headbands, hair spray, gel, spray bottles - whatever is needed to "fix" hair! The men are then timed for 1-3 minutes and must do their best to fix the woman's hair. You can score the winners on most creative, worst looking, best looking, etc... be sure to take lots of pictures and select women who will be good sports about having their hair messed up!
    1. Preggers or Porn
      Can the men really guess the difference between giving birth and the big "O"? Print up photos or use a power point presentation to see who can tell them apart.

      Of course with games comes prizes to be won! We suggest for these guy games our baby shower favors such as our Personalized Measuring Tapes or our Personalized Bottle Openers are great for coed baby shower prizes.
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