Fall Wedding Centerpieces  Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
The moment September begins starts the quick countdown for fall weddings: brides who are saying 'I do!' over the next three months will be wrapping up the odds and ends off their wedding planning. This includes finalizing the wedding centerpieces! This beautiful season brings lots of warm colors that you can use for inspiration for your fall wedding centerpiece ideas.

fall wedding centerpieces
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Nothing says autumn quite like pumpkins do. Visit your local patch or farm to gather some up for your centerpieces and let your creativity thrive.
  • Display them as is. Keep the workload to a minimum and combine pumpkins of different shapes and sizes for a simple tablescape.
  • Carve them. Rather than jack-o-lanterns, drill holes to create different patterns and then illuminate with candles inside. You can also etch your table numbers into the side, and you won't have to worry about carving the entire inside out.
  • Paint them. Love the idea of pumpkins but want to match your gold color scheme? Spray paint!
You can also hollow pumpkins out to hold flowers or candles.

pumpkin wedding centerpieces

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If larger pumpkins are too Halloween-y for your taste, opt for gourds instead. They're much more affordable than large pumpkins that are often sold by weight. You can paint them or let their natural beauty speak for themselves. Plus, their small size makes them perfect to double as your fall wedding favors.

gourd wedding centerpieces

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Hay or wheat are a trendy way to create fall wedding centerpieces. Bundles will require more of a DIY touch--you'll have to tie them with ribbon or bows. But you can also display in vases or mason jars, or even mix in other flowers into an arrangement. Our mini hay bales will save you a shopping trip and a difficult search for pint-sized bales of hay!

fall wedding centerpiece ideas

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If traditional floral centerpieces are more your style ... mums are your friend! They're in season which makes them easily accessible and affordable. You don't even have to get fancy: leave them in their designated baskets for nostalgic fall centerpieces. Or you can mix them with other flowers for an eclectic look.

fall mum wedding centerpieces

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