Helpful Tips for Planning an Engagement Party
Throwing an engagement party is a great way to announce that you're getting married to your closest friends and family. The engagement party is basically the "kick-off" to all of the wedding festivities. Though it's not exactly in every newly-engaged couple's budget nowadays, it's becoming more and more popular.

Typically an engagement party is thrown by the bride's parents. But of course in this day and age there really are no rules to follow: the party can be thrown by the groom's parents, the parent's of both couples, or perhaps another family member or even a friend. An engagement party, like majority of other events (whether they're wedding related or not) can really be thrown any way the host or hostess decides to do it. It can take place in a reception hall, a restaurant, or even in someone's home. So an engagement party is really similar to any other event, but they're might be a few rules you should follow.

Here are a few of our Top Engagement Party Tips:
  • Whoever you invite to the engagement party is going to have to be invited to the wedding. So you may want to think twice before throwing the party or inviting certain people. This may not work out so well if you were planning on throwing a more downscale engagement party, but on the bright side, it's basically getting the guest list for the wedding out of the way.
  • You should NOT hire a DJ. Though great for a wedding, which is longer and is more upbeat, the engagement party is more of an intimate affair than a full blown bash. You may want to consider a musician instead: perhaps a lounge singer, a pianist, or a harpist to provide soothing background music.
  • The gift giving situation for an engagement party seems to be a bit murky. Though some people may argue that gifts are not mandatory at engagement parties, others believe that it would be rude to arrive empty handed. In the end, the decision will be up to you. It's recommended that if gifts are not wanted at all, it should be specified on the invitation. But if guests are calling you up & asking you what is reasonable to give the couple, cash or a gift card is probably the best bet. And as for a budget, the engagement gift should definitely be much less than the wedding gift, and even less than the bridal shower gift.
  • Typically there is a toasting "ceremony" at an engagement party. Though it really isn't a ceremony, it's simply just the parents of the bride and groom who toast, starting with the father of the bride. But of course, anyone who wants to chime in to give wishes and congratulations to the bride and groom should not be interrupted.
Finally, you must remember most of all that the purpose of the engagement party is this: to congratulate the newly engaged couple, and to begin constructing ties and bonds between the families of the bride and groom.

Don't forget that you'll need engagement party favors! Great ideas are anything that feature or resemble diamonds - like a big diamond engagement ring, of course!
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