History & Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Bells
In many traditions and customs newly married couples exchange a kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony. Christians believe that this kiss symbolizes the exchange of souls fulfilling the scripture, "two shall become one". However, the root of the kissing tradition can be traced back to Roman times when a kiss was used to seal a contract. A kiss after the wedding ceremony seals the deal, although it is not a required part of any traditional ceremony, it has been incorporated and is now a fixed tradition in many weddings.

During the reception, the wedding kisses continue, much to the enjoyment of the guests. There are many opportunities for the bride and groom to kiss during this time, and guests seem to seize the opportunity to request a kiss as much as they can. The most traditional way guests entice the newlyweds to kiss is by clinking their glasses with silverware or clicking each others glasses during the toast. This clinking tradition can be tracked back to an ancient Christian myth that the sound of clinking scares the devil away and the bride and groom can kiss safely. The more modern twist on this tradition is to ring bells to get the couple to kiss. Today, this tradition is used as a fun excuse to get the newlyweds to kiss, as many simply don’t know the meaning behind clinking or ringing.

Some fun alternatives to clinking glasses or ringing wedding bells to kiss are:

Wedding wands - a fun alternative to tossing rice at the end of the ceremony, these can be taken into the reception and waived for a kiss.

Love Poems - if guests want you to kiss, they simply go to the podium recite a short love poem or verse, but it must contain the word love or kiss.

Themed kisses - if you are having a golf themed wedding, guests must putt to get a kiss. If you are having a vegas style wedding, why not have couples spin a wheel and if it lands on your picture (or number) then the newlyweds can kiss.

Marital Advice - a guest can go to the podium and give some marital advice (i.e. – (Groom’s name), always out the toilet seat down for a happy marriage!) Words of advice for a kiss.

With a bit of imagination, you can think of a creative alternative to ringing or clinking for a kiss. For more great ideas for wedding decorations, wedding accessories and wedding favors please visit Little Things Favors for all your wedding needs!
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