How to Host a Coed Baby Shower - Couples Baby Shower Ideas
Hot Mom's and Trendy Couples know how to celebrate their baby - with a coed, couples baby shower party! Forget the lace, frills and tea time, more and more parents-to-be are opting to celebrate the upcoming birth of their child with family and friends together as a couple. And why not? Dad's these days are more involved with their children than ever - and that's a trend we like to see!

Here's 10 tips on how to host a coed baby shower that all your guests will enjoy!1) Pick A Gender Friendly Venue 
      Make sure you pick a venue that is friendly to both genders. This isn't the time to visit a tea house. A restaurant, bar, backyard BBQ or a friend's home are good places to gather. If you think the sexes will separate during the party (which they inevitably will and it is normal) you will want to have an area that the guys can congregate. Whether its a room with a big screen TV to watch the game, a grill to huddle around, or a poker table to play games - guys need their own space to escape to when the estrogen gets a bit too much.

2) Invite His Crew 
      Make sure there's going to be enough testosterone at the party. Don't just invite one or two of his closest male friends, be sure to invite all the guys in the family, the Dads, grandfathers, uncles, cousins - and his friends too. Ask him to help pitch in with the invite list and see who he would like to see attend. Think of who you would invite if this was just a regular party - everyone should be included.

3) Avoid Pink 
      The decorations should be minimal, neutral or at least not over the top girly and pink. As fun as it is to have a baby, not every thing needs to be plastered like a billboard. If you're thinking of themes, a sports theme, BBQ, Luau or any "party" theme can be used.

4) Send Neutral Invites 
      Make sure the invitations are couples / guy friendly. Skip the pink and blue, go with something rad and offbeat. Black and white, orange and teal, purple with sage. Do something different. Don't call it a Jack and Jill baby shower. Word the invitations in a way that lets everyone know its a family & friends party to celebrate the new arrival.

5) Feed Them Like A King 
      While a typical baby shower menu may consist of finger foods and petite sandwiches, the men may need a bit more substance. If you choose not to host a BBQ, a buffet or sit down lunch may be better options. And while alcohol typically isn't seen at a traditional baby shower - its now perfectly OK to serve it to the non-expecting guests. Guys like a good beer and some ladies may enjoy a glass of wine or a martini!

6) It's All Fun and Games 
      Many men will shy away from the typical baby shower games, so if you are going to play some, make sure to read our article on
 coed baby shower games
      . Some of them like the Baby Bottle Beer Race, the men will surely participate in! However, if you are having a mixed crowd of family and friends, young and old, you may want to skip the games altogether.

7) Leave The Gifts To The Girls 
      Leave the guys out of it. They do not want to ooh-and-ahh over a hundred little onesies and socks. Make sure there is something for them to do (like watch the game, cook the BBQ food or play poker). While the Dad to be may get a little teary eyed when he sees all the stuff, most men will be bored watching the gift opening parade. Besides they will get a good view of it all as they help carry the gifts to the car.

8) But Don't Forget The Dad-To-Be 
      Give gifts for the dad too. Don't leave him out of the gift giving mix. Encourage guests to shower the dad with items he can use. If he's a sports enthusiast why not buy him kid friendly sports toys he can play with his child when they are older? Food and drink is always a good choice. If he's handy around the house, tools to help build the nursery work well too. And if all else fails humorous gifts such as tee shirts that say "Who's Your Daddy?" are fun to receive.

9) Avoid Awkward Conversations 
      Leave the horror stories of labor and delivery at home. Chances are though, with a bunch of guys attending the dad-to-be may get roasted and ribbed!

10) Select Awesome Favors 
      If you opt to hand out
 baby shower favors 
    remember that guys don't find candy in a baby bottle charming. Give the couples who attend something that they can use, such as coasters, kitchen items, even a wine stopper. How about this for a coed baby shower favor - a bottle opener tied to a retro glass soda bottle with a cute phrase attached like "She's Ready to Pop"? No more cheesy little baby themed items - anything goes - get creative!
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