How to Host a Jack and Jill Bridal Shower
Traditionally, a bridal shower is strictly for the bride and only includes women. This ancient custom started in the late 1800s, but today couples aren't afraid to put a more modern twist and invite both men and women to the bridal shower. Co-ed bridal showers - or Jack and Jill showers - are now becoming one of the most popular bridal shower ideas today, however it takes a bit more planning than the old bridal shower.

When most people think of the word "bridal shower," they probably imagine a lot of pink and a lot more girls. This description is not too far off - most bridal shower hostesses plan bridal showers according to the bride's personal taste and hobbies, so chances are the party theme and venue are a girl's dream. But if you're planning on inviting the boys to come play too, you'll probably want to skip the frills and pink. After all, you don't want the men to feel uncomfortable, so try to create a setting that's appealing to both men and women. A cocktail lounge, a favorite restaurant, or even a backyard BBQ are all some great ideas. Keep the decorations and flowers to a minimum too. Think "simple" - remember: less is more.

Considering the bridal shower is now about both the bride and the groom, it may help to ask the groom what he likes to. Rather than planning and coordinating the shower based on what the bride likes, try to figure out what the soon-to-be newlyweds enjoy as a couple. Where was their first date? What is one of their favorite pasttimes that they share together? How did he propose? Where are they going on their honeymoon? These are all great questions to ask the couple prior to doing your bridal shower planning to ensure that the day will revolve around both of them.

Of course, your guests need to be aware that the party is going to be a Jack and Jill shower. You can start by informing them on the invitation. This is incredibly important, because if you aren't specific, the women are probably going to show up alone. Make sure to include both the bride and groom's name on the invitation, and address the invitations to both members of the couple if inviting a husband and wife, or girlfriend and boyfriend.

Finally, you have to be extremely cautious when selecting bridal shower favors. Popular and fun favors such as mirrors, lip balms and manicure kits probably aren't going to appeal to the men. If you've found a great favor that works for the women that you really want to go with, make sure you find a separate more masculine favor to give to the men. However, it's a lot easier to find something that works for everyone. Your best bet? Something edible. Let's face it, most bridal showers are designed to appeal to women, not men. So, if you give something yummy and delicious, everybody's happy. But a lot of our wedding favors can also double as bridal shower favors, so be sure to check out all that we offer as well.
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