How To: Succulent Wedding Favors

How to succulent wedding favors

When you think of DIY wedding favors, you probably think of organza bags filled with Jordan Almonds or cheap favor boxes with candy thrown inside. But succulent wedding favors are also a DIY project! When you purchase your succulents, you're not going to simply give them to your guests as you bought them: you're going to want to re-pot them and dress them up so they look classy and coordinate with your decor.

Succulents are also an incredibly unique gift your guests can leave with. Food or candy wedding favors are forgotten once they're eaten, and many other traditional favors get tossed in a drawer and forgotten too. But as long as your guests keep their succulents in a sunlit area and water sparingly, these little plants will be a living and lasting memento of your day!

Here we're sharing our favorite ideas for creating splendid succulent favors for your guests to take home, whether you use them at your wedding, baby shower, or other celebration! We'll start off with demonstrating succulents as place cards. This is a great idea to save money, as you'll be doubling your seating cards as your wedding favors! There are lots of cute ways to create gorgeous succulent place card holders. You can hand write tags to hang from your succulents, or put place cards on stakes and stick them right into the soil.

Succulent Place Cards
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There are so many different options for your succulent pots! The possibilities are really endless: you can display them in traditional terra cotta pots, or even paint those pots yourself. Other ideas include tea light holders, glass jars, or even mason jars. If using clear glass, you can make them look really pretty by putting rocks on top of the soil. This also helps with draining the water, which will ensure longevity of your succulents!

Succulent Wedding Favor Ideas
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How to make succulent wedding favors
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Our miniature galvanized pails are a cheap option for re-potting your succulents that coordinates with a rustic or even an industrial vibe. You can spray paint them if you want (they look great when painted white or gold) or incorporate a personalized tag or sticker to dress them up as well.

Succulent Favors
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Here are a few more tips and things to remember when creating your succulent wedding favors:

  • Purchase your succulents in bulk, whether you order online or buy in person at a home improvement store or garden center. This will ultimately save you money!
  • Tend to the plants before the big day. This is very important, because you don't want to kill your little succulents before you give them to your guests! Succulents like a lot of light, so try to keep them near a window where they'll get lots of natural sun. Water them about once a week, maximum. Most plants come with care cards, so even if you don't have the greenest thumb, just follow the included care instructions to keep them thriving.
  • Purchase extra potting soil. If you're going to re-pot your succulents, you'll want to have extra soil just in case their new home is slightly larger than their old one. Also, potting soil is usually enriched with lots of vitamins that will ensure your succulents thrive!
  • You're going to get your hands dirty, so you'll want to arrange the succulents and finalize your favors well before you're going to give them to your guests.
  • Purchase a few extra. You never know if you'll get a last minute RSVP or if one or two of the succulents will die before your event. It's always better to have too many than too little, so prepare for the worst by having a few extra plants or favors ready! If anything, you'll be able to keep them in your home!
  • If you have a black thumb, or for any other reason don't want to use live succulents, remember that you can always use faux succulents instead too!

Succulent as wedding favors
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