How To Write Proper Wedding Thank You Notes
Viewed as a chore, a challenge, or possibly both, all wedding couples face the same daunting task of putting a pen to paper and writing out their thank you notes or cards. However, there are simple ways to make this essential after wedding task a breeze.
  1. Get Organized! Before you even being to open your gifts, make a list of all the people who you invited, including those who didn’t attend as they may still send a gift. Next to their name, make a column for their address, another column to check off if they attended the wedding, and a final column for you to jot down notes including what gift they gave to you. Keep this list handy, you will need it to write out your thank you notes. This task is essential to ensure the right gift giver is thanked for the right gift.
  2. Unwrap & Make Notes Couples usually handle the opening of their wedding gifts in either one of two ways: either they open them the minute they arrive, or they wait until after the wedding and open them all at once. No matter which method you decide to open your gifts, use the list you made to check off who sent a gift and what the gift was. If it is something unique, make sure you jot it down on your list, this way it will refresh your memory when you actually write out your thank you notes. If two guests sent you a similar gift, but one was engraved, make not of that so you can mention that in your note. If writing down everything is too time consuming between gift opening, ask one of your wedding party attendants (who has legible handwriting) to help you.
  3. Get Personal When writing your thank you notes, not only thank them for the gift, but also thank them for attending your ceremony and being a part of your special day. If the gift giver traveled or had a special role in your ceremony, make sure you mention your gratitude first before thanking them for their gift. When writing your thank you notes, add a personal touch to them, specifically mentioning the gift they gave you and how you plan on using it. For example, “The crystal vase you gave us is beautiful and adds a wonderful sparkle to our dining room”, which is much more personal than, “Thank you for your thoughtful gift”. This personal touch will be noticed by your gift giving guests.
  4. Be On Time Timeliness is just as important as the note itself. Wedding thank you notes should be sent out no later than four weeks after the wedding. However, it is impossible to do so because many photographers can take months before your wedding photography is ready. In this case, make sure you mention the reason for the tardiness of your thank you note so people do not think the delay was due to tardiness or laziness.

    The proper etiquette for thank you notes is a handwritten note. It may be time consuming task, but it is one that is very necessary. Your thank you note acknowledges both the person and the thought behind their gift.
Although your wedding favors were your first gesture toward thanking your guests for their attendance, they should not be substituted for your thank you notes. Thank you notes are the standard and proper etiquette for the occasion.
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