The History of the Ring Bearer
Most brides know the tradition of the ring bearer: a young boy carries the wedding rings on a pillow down the aisle to the couple. Some say this wedding custom dates as far back to the Ancient Egyptians, however the trend of a ring bearer began in Victorian England and spread throughout the world. Though during the medieval times, Northern Europeans presented the ring to the bride on the tip of a sword. So as you can see, even if there weren't official ring bearers back then, the tradition was still there! A ring bearer was first called a pageboy in England, and it is said that he originally carried the bride's train and a prayer book along with the rings. He also used to wear a white lace collar and sash, but obviously that trend is dead and buried. Today ring bearers sport a tuxedo just like those of the groomsmen and groom.

The wedding bands are a symbolic part of the wedding ceremony, as well as the marriage between the couple. Wedding rings symbolize the new bond between the bride and the groom as well as their commitment to one another. They are precious in the eyes of the bride and groom. So obviously they must be handled with care! The ring bearer serves as the responsible carrier of the rings. This is also why ring bearer pillows are used--to ensure the rings are handled properly. Today, however, many couples opt for ring pillows with fake rings on them. But many ring pillows provide a pocket or thread for carrying the rings.

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