Top 10 Wedding Hair Accessory Looks
Here are our top 10 picks for wedding hair accessories:
 Skinny Headbands 
      - Pair two skinny headbands for a classic polished wedding look. Headbands easily pair with any type of veil.

 Feathered Combs 
      - feathers are a huge trend in 2008, and they are now making their way into hair accessories. A simple comb can be adorned with a pretty feather for a mod-upscale look.

 A simple veil 
      - show your lovely locks off with a simple, elegant veil. Your hair is the feature, with a plain veil just as an accent.

 Fresh Flowers 
      - check with your florist to see which flowers will last without water. Have your florist wire blooms to a hairpin(s) so your hairstylist can easily arrange them in your hair.

 Modern Tiaras 
      - Vintage tiaras with a retro inspired hairstyle is an upscale, unexpected look.

 Hair Vines 
      - A hair vine, can be drop-dead gorgeous, especially if it is all in rhinestones or crystals. Hair vines are great because your stylist can twist them to "flow" with your hairstyle.

      - Sweep bangs or layers away from your face with a bold barrette. From ornate to simple, a barette can only enhance your beautiful looks.

 The Birdcage Poof 
      - Think modern retro, romantic, vintage to downright sexy. Poofs are dramatic - without adding a full veil.

 Hair Jewelry 
        - such as our 
 Swarvoski Hair Twists 
      can be added to almost any hair style. Add them around a bun for a pretty bum wrap or even scatter them throughout your hair.

 Tropical Flowers 
               - add a punch of color to your wedding ensemble by adding a               pretty tropical flower. Keep the rest of your hairstyle simple as               this flower is all you need.
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