Wedding Band Engraving Tips
Many couples choose to have their wedding bands be engraved with their names, initials, wedding date or a short phrase. If you are thinking about getting your wedding band engraved, here are a few pointers:
      1. Make sure you allow enough time for the jeweler to engrave your rings. Some jewelers can take 6 to 8 weeks before having your rings ready. So be sure to ask your jeweler about their turn around time on engraving rings. Be sure they know when your wedding date is and when you would like to pick up the rings. You should schedule a pick up at least the week of the wedding.

      2. Before engraving, consider the style of your ring. A larger size and a thicker band will allow for more characters to be engraved, or vice versa for a smaller ring. If your wedding band is a full circle eternity band, it normally can not be engraved.

      3. Before settling on the final text to be engraved, sleep on it for a few days. Will your cute phrase still be cute on your 25th wedding anniversary? If you are afraid that your adorable saying may not be so cute in years to come, go with a traditional engraving.

      4. If your a non-traditionalist, and prefer something different try engraving your first dance song, a line from your ceremony, an encrypted phrase or a single, meaningful word.

              5. If you like surprises, each pick out the engraving for the                    others' ring and only reveal it on your wedding day.
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