Wedding Cake Checklist – Questions to Ask Your Baker About Your Wedding Cake
Your wedding cake can be ordered from a baker, a caterer, or even your reception location. When ordering your wedding cake some things you should consider are: the price, the workmanship, the quality (of both flavor and design) and the taste. Some reception locations will charge you a fee if you order your cake from an outside baker. This fee is known as a cake-cutting fee. However, ordering from a baker who specializes in wedding cakes will ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your wedding cake.

You will also have to decide on other wedding cake options such as: size, shape, color, decorations, cake flavor, cake filling and cake frostings. An experienced baker who specializes in wedding cakes will advise you how much cake you will need, what flavors are popular, and which frostings will hold up over the course of your reception. Frostings are very delicate – some do not perform well when exposed to air or heat for long periods of time (whipped cream is an example of this). Ask for photographs of wedding cakes from each baker you are considering, and also ask if you can taste samples of their cakes.

Once you narrow down your choices for a baker here are some questions to ask before making a final decision:

Name and Address of Bakery:
Contact Person and Phone Number:

1) How many years have you been designing and making wedding cakes?
2) What are your wedding cake specialties?
3) What is your most popular cake flavor?
4) What is your most popular cake filling?
5) What frosting would you recommend for our event?
6) Do you have photographs of some recent cakes you have made?
7) Can we sample your wedding cakes?
8) Do you freeze your wedding cakes?
9) How far in advance should I order my cake?
10) (If applicable) Can I order a groom’s cake?
11) How much is my desired cake?
12) How much per piece does my desired cake cost?
13) What is your cake pillar fee?
14) What is your cake plate rental fee?
15) Are these fees refundable upon the return of these items?
16) When must these items be returned?
17) Do you offer a specialty box in which we can freeze the top tier?
18) If so, How much does this box cost?
19) When will you deliver the cake?
20) What is your delivery fee?
21) What is your set up fee?
22) What is your payment policy?
23) What is your cancellation policy?
24) Do you offer a money back guarantee if something should happen to the cake?
25) Do you have liability insurance?
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