Wedding Checklist - Questions To Ask Wedding Videographers
Wedding video production brings you as close to reliving your wedding as possible. Many couples choose to have their wedding captured on film because they want to be able to look back on their wedding and not only see pictures, but relive the sight, sounds and emotions of their wedding. The best way to select your wedding videographer is to see demos of their work. You may want to select several videographers in your area, from the least expensive to the most expensive and compare the styles and quality of video they produce. You may find that an average cost videographer is on par with the most expensive, or that an inexpensive videographer will work just fine for what you had in mind for your wedding video. Keep in mind that companies who have several videographers often will showcase their best work, but will assign someone else to your wedding.

Once you have narrowed down your selection of wedding videographers, you should ask them several questions before making a final decision. Here are is a list of questions you may want to consider asking the wedding videographers before signing on the dotted line.

Name and Location of Videographer:
Contact Person and Telephone Number:

1) How many years of experience do you have as a videographer?
2) Approximately how many wedding videos have you videotaped?
3) What is your style of video production? Documentary or cinematic?
4) What type of packages do you offer?
5) How much will it cost for the package I am interested in?
6) Can you add in a photo montage, if so, what is the cost?
7) Does the package include titles for the video, if not, can it be added, and at what cost?
8) How many hours does this package include?
9) How is overtime calculated?
10) How much are additional copies?
11) Do you edit the video after the event?
12) Who keeps the raw footage?
13) How long after the wedding does it take to receive the final product?
14) Are you the person who will be videotaping my wedding?
15) Will you have an assistant or other videographer with you on the day of my wedding?
16) Are you familiar with our ceremony and reception location?
17) (If No to above) Do you visit the ceremony and reception sites before the actual wedding date?
18) What type of equipment do you use?
19) Do you bring back up equipment with you to the wedding?
20) What format do you use?
21) Do you have a wireless microphone?
22) What is your payment policy?
23) What is your cancellation policy
24) Do you offer a money back guarantee?
25) Do you have liability insurance?
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