Wedding Hair Accessories & Headpiece Glossary
Top off your wedding day look with the perfect hair accessory. Hair accessories can be as simple as a modern headband or as elaborate as feathers. Here is a simple glossary of terms to help you decide on the perfect wedding hair accessory for your day.
  • Backpiece – a barrette or comb which is decorated and fastens to the back of the head. Usually the veil attaches to it.
  • Barrette – a one piece which clips onto your hair. Available in many styles from simple to ornate, one will suit almost any wedding style.
  • Bun Wrap – a circular band that wraps around a bun. Some are available decorated, others are “invisible”.
  • Comb – an accessory held in place with teeth. Can be attached to a veil, worn on top of the head or used to embellish a hairstyle.
  • Crown – a full circular jeweled piece which sits on top of the head – perfect for fairytale themed weddings. Usually much larger than a tiara.
  • Hairpin – short in length, open on one end, closed on the other. Used to pull back or accent the hair.
  • Hairstick – a long stick with one pointed end which secures hair in an updo.
  • Hair Vine – a long ornament which is held in place with a small comb or pin. Vines can run along the side of a style or wrap around a headband.
  • Half Crown – smaller than a crown, but sits taller than a tiara. A semi-circle of jewels which sits on top of the head.
  • Headband – a band of varying widths that follows around the shape of your head.
  • Juliet Cap – this small, round cap fits snugly on top of the head and is usually adorned with jewels or pearls.
  • Tiara – jeweled or beaded semicircle worn on top of the head. We carry a beautiful section of wedding tiaras for your big day!
  • Wreath – a full circle of flowers or ribbon which rests on the crown of the head
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