Wedding Music Checklist – Questions To Ask Your DJ or Band
Music is a major part of your wedding; it is played at both the ceremony and the reception and sets the tone and atmosphere of your wedding. When you select your music keep in mind special songs for the important people in your life. Also keep in mind the age and musical preferences of your guests, your budget and any restrictions the ceremony or reception site may have. Bands and musicians are typically more expensive than DJs.

Consider hiring an entertainment or music agency that will cater to your musical preferences. Whoever you select should have experience at performing at weddings. If you need your musician to act as a master of ceremonies, make sure you give them a complete timeline of events, so that they know exactly when to announce event such as the first dance, toasts, and the cake cutting.

The following is a list of questions to ask a band or DJ when booking your event. You may need to add to or delete some questions depending on what type of entertainer you are planning on hiring.

Name and Location of Entertainment Company:
Contact Person and Phone Number:

1) How many years experience do you have?
2) What percentage of your business is dedicated to weddings?
3) Do you have references or video of your current work that we can view?
4) What type of music do you specialize in?
5) Can we provide you with a list of songs we would like to be played?
6) Are you the person who will be performing at our wedding?
7) Will you have an assistant with you at our wedding?
8) How do you dress for weddings?
9) Do you bring backup equipment with you?
10) What type of equipment do you use?
11) What type of sound system do you have?
12) Do you or can you act as a master of ceremonies?
13) Do you have a cordless microphone?
14) Do you provide a light show?
15) Do you have audio video equipment to play a photo montage during the reception?
16) How many breaks do you take?
17) Will you have an assistant or play recorded music during your break?
18) For Musicians: What is the cost of a soloist? A Duet? A Trio? A Quartet?
19) For Bands: How many musicians are in your band?
20) What are your hourly fees?
21) What are your fees for a 4 hour reception?
22) How is overtime calculated and billed?
23) What is your payment policy?
24) What is your cancellation policy?
25) Do you have liability insurance?
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