Wedding Transportation Checklist – Questions To Ask Your Limousine Company
It is customary for the bride to arrive to the ceremony location separately from her wedding party. The bride is usually accommodated by her father or the person or people who will be giving her away. Often, brides choose a limousine to transport her to the ceremony, although you can choose any vehicle you are comfortable with. Some unique ideas to travel to your wedding are: luxury cars, sports cars, vintage vehicles, or horse drawn carriages. Even if you choose a unique car to get you to your wedding, you most likely will have a limousine or other large vehicle to transport your wedding party in. When booking your wedding transportation, keep in mind most companies have a minimum three hour booking requirement. This will cover transportation to the ceremony, to the photo location and a drop off at the reception location. You may also wish to hire a vehicle to pick you or your wedding party up after the reception has ended.

Here is a list of questions you should ask limousine or transportation companies:

Name and Location of Company:
Contact Person and Telephone Number:

1) How many years have you been in business?
2) How much of your business deals with weddings?
3) How many vehicles do you have in your fleet?
4) Can you provide a back up vehicle in case of an emergency?
5) What types of vehicles are available?
6) What vehicle can reasonably accommodate (how many people are in your party) guests?
7) How old are the vehicles?
8) Can I view the cars I am interested in?
9) How many drivers are available?
10) How do the drivers dress for weddings?
11) Do you offer red carpet service?
12) Do you provide a champagne toast?
13) Do you offer beverages in your cars?
14) What type of beverages and what is the cost of them?
15) Are your cars smoking/non-smoking?
16) What is the minimum amount of time to rent a vehicle?
17) What is the cost per hour?
18) How is overtime charged and how is it billed?
19) How much gratuity is customary?
20) What is your payment policy?
21) What is your cancellation policy?
22) Are your cars and drivers insured?
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