What are Housewarming Gifts? | Housewarming Gift Ideas

What are housewarming gifts?

Housewarming gifts are presents you give when a friend, family member, or even a neighbor buys and moves into their first home. Or, to be millennial-friendly, you can call these apartment-warming gifts (because we all know buying a house isn't as affordable as it once was). It can be anything from something that is used in the house, to a bottle of celebratory wine, or just a little something that says "congratulations."

Traditional housewarming gifts have a lot of symbolism and religious roots: bread, salt, wine, honey, coins, candles, and even a broom. It’s safe to say that today, the only items on that list that are relevant are wine and candles—but if you truly want to stick with tradition, you can definitely give these items (or all of them in a gift basket!). Here’s what they symbolize:

  • Bread, so that this house may never know hunger.
  • Salt, so your life always has flavor.
  • Wine, so that this house may never know thirst.
  • Honey, so your life always has sweetness.
  • Broom, so that this house is always clean.
  • Coin, so your life always has fortune.
  • Candle, so that this house always has light.

You may recognize some of these quoted from the film It’s a Wonderful Life. With a little research, you might find more in-depth symbolism on these items, different things that are considered traditional housewarming gifts, or variations on the meanings.

When to give housewarming gifts?

Traditionally, housewarming gits are presented at the housewarming party--however this celebration isn't as common as it used to be. Today many couples (or even singles) are living on their own for quite some time before buying a house, whether they're renting a condo, room, or apartment. So the celebration of living on their own isn't really a novelty. However, because of this, apartment-warming gifts have been popularized and are essentially the same thing as a housewarming gift!

What are typical housewarming gifts?

Simply put, anything you'd expect to be used in the home! It could be a small appliance for the kitchen, a piece of home decor, or even something for the home bar. Often housewarming gifts are like bridal shower gifts--but without that high price tag. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a housewarming gift; a good rule of thumb is to keep it under $25. If the couple is already married or has been living together for some time, chances are they're already set with the necessities. Consider a cookbook, a cozy throw blanket, or even a house plant. Or ask yourself, what would you want to receive as a housewarming gift? If there is something you use at home that you love--perhaps a really handy wine corkscrew, or a scented candle that never fails to relax you--share that by giving it as a housewarming gift.

Where to buy housewarming gifts?

Luckily you don't have to go too far: we've got an amazing selection of affordable, and quality-made housewarming gifts right here. Plus, most of our gifts can be personalized at no charge. So not only are you giving an amazing housewarming present, but it'll have special meaning, too.

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