What Are the Best (and Worst) Bridesmaid Gifts You've Received
We surveyed bridesmaids from our social media and they've weighed in - these are the best bridesmaid gifts they have received - and the worst! Read on as to what to get your bridesmaids and what to stay away from.

What are the best bridesmaid gifts you've received?

Carrie from CA said: The best was a massage the morning of the wedding. Before we were got ready, my cousin got all of the bridesmaids massages. We also got personalized flasks with our favorite alcohol to add in. It was much appreciated.

Gabriella from FL said: I've been in a lot of wedding parties and my favorite was my dress, hair, and makeup paid for by the couple. But not all couples can afford that so my other top gifts I've received are: a really nice bottle of wine, a stainless coffee tumbler that doesn't leak and a moonstone necklace that matches my other jewelry.

Deborah from TN said: The best was adorable personalized mug and coffee gift card. I appreciated it because it was something I could definitely use. The bride each got us gifts based on our personality.

Heather from OR said: The bride knew I loved hiking and got me a leather journal to take on my travels. It was a personal gift, and not something generic.

Pam from NJ said: My favorite was a floral satin robe - the bride got all of us matching robes and I still use it to this day.

Sue from OH said: I love my travel wine cup with a lid with my initial on it. Super cute. I use it all the time at home.

Chantal from MD said: A makeup bag in my favorite color with my monogram on it. I used it for 10 years until it fell apart. Also an engraved wine glass set for my home, with my initial on them. I use those all the time.

Chrissy from VA said: A Michael Kors watch and a kate spade bag were my favorite gifts.

Amelia from WA said Best was a cosmetic bag filled with spa gifts - a bath bomb, a candle, lotion, bubble bath, loufa sponge, lip balm, and a spa gift card.

Earla from NY said: A Tiffany heart necklace that I adore. It's classic, simple and can be worn with everything.

Kelsey from NJ said: Sephora gift cards. Can't go wrong with makeup.

Dee from IN said: My friend gave duffle bags for us with our names on them (it's the perfect size for a weekend getaway and I use it). She all wanted us to change into gold flats for the reception, so that was part of it too, but I never used those after.

Shannon from GA said: We received Apple watches - which was awesome! But you can't expect every bride to do that, it's probably out of many couple's budgets.

Melody from TX said: A really beautiful picture from a friend who is an artist. It had a lake scene in my favorite colours and she wrote a beautiful handwritten message about what our friendship means to each other. I framed it and it's hanging in my home.

Kaitlyn from ME said:Best gift I ever received was a homemade apron and a bunch of a baking tools from my BFF. it was practical and personal. We've been baking together since elementary school. I think of our memories every time I use the tools, even ten years later.

Beth from PA said: Anything alcohol related. I loved getting a bottle of prosecco, a set of monogramed glasses, bottle opener, and a bottle stopper.

Kimberley from MA said: A new pair of white vans that the bride wanted us to wear during the reception. It was awesome that we could use them well after the wedding was over.

What are the worst bridesmaid gifts you've received?

Sharon from WA said:Worst was a robe with "bridesmaid" written on the back. Actually anything with the generic bridesmaid written on it is pretty awful.

Mrs G from AZ said:Worst a gift bag with "bridesmaid" tumbler, "bridesmaid" necklace, "bridesmaid" wine glass. My life doesn't revolve around being a bridesmaid so it's weird for after the wedding to be adorned in all the BM swag.

Karen from KY said:I got a personalized item with my initials wrong. If you're going to give a gift, make sure it is personalized correctly.

Maribel from NY said: Worst was a cheap canvas bag filled with crap from the dollar store, water bottle with bridesmaid decal, hanger with bridesmaid wired on, costume jewelry to wear at the wedding which fell apart when I was trying to put it on and had to be glued together, nail polish in the bride's preferred color, plain wine glass basically just a pile of crap with all of us receiving the same things- there's nothing thoughtful about that.

Kerry from IL said: Personalized is fine. Monogrammed is great. However, if either of those things include the word "bridesmaid" or "maid of honor" no thanks.

Sola from OH said:The bride gave her bridesmaids huge crucifix and none of us are even religious.

Sarah from NY said: A Christmas ornament with their dates that said "bridesmaid" and a weird unfocussed picture of the group. I'm Jewish.

Katie from IA said: Cheap pearl jewelry I'll never wear again and a zipper bag that says bridesmaid.

Laura from CA said:Our gift was the bride paying for makeup and hair (that had to be a style she approved) and she paid for our nails (but only the color she allowed to use). It's not a gift if you are dressing up your bridesmaids the way you want them to look.

Are bridesmaid gifts really necessary?

With all this chat about the best and worst bridesmaid gifts, you may think, "Are bridesmaids gifts really necessary?" if my bridal party really does not want them? Cally from NY chimed in with this answer which we think is perfect:

"I was the maid of honor in a wedding but I didn't expect some big, fancy gift. It was an HONOR to stand next to my BFF. It was her day, not mine, and I loved to be there for her and didn't expect anything in return. I get that it's a way to say thank you but I don't think brides need to go above and beyond. As a bride now, I think something simple but personal to each bridesmaid would go a long way in expressing gratitude and love.

Think about the people you're gifting and try to get something they will like. The bridesmaids gifts should be about them, not you. If you want to throw in something you want them to wear for the wedding (jewelry, shoes, robes to get ready in, etc), I think that's totally cool, just make sure you are also including elements of the gift that are personal to them or things they'd really like and use. Give them something they can have and use for a while that reminds them fondly of your day.

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