What are Traditional Groomsmen Gifts
Grooms have been giving groomsmen gifts to their brothers, fathers, other family members, and friends for quite some time. These gifts signify your thanks for taking the time to stand by your side while you say 'I do.' To simplify the gift giving process, and make it fair for everyone, most grooms opt to give each of their groomsmen the same item (or a variation of it). While you can give absolutely anything you want, some of the most popular gifts for groomsmen are ones that have been around for years and years. If you're stumped on what to buy for your buddies, consider traditional groomsmen gifts that have been popular choices throughout the years!

what are traditional groomsmen gifts

Pocket Watches: You might think that these are a little outdated, but pocket watches surprisingly remain popular as gifts for groomsmen today. Pocket watches serve more as mementos and keepsakes rather than something to actually use. It's a great choice of gift if you like the sentimental stuff - your groomsmen will likely only use it once, on your wedding day. Another option is to put a modern twist on this gift: rather than a pocket watch, consider giving an actual watch to each of your friends instead. It serves the same purpose, but puts a modern twist on a classic gift!

traditional groomsen gifts

Cufflinks: Cufflinks are timeless presents: if you think this gift is outdated, you stand corrected! Wedding cufflinks are popular, practical, and affordable. After all, your groomsmen will need a set to rock on your wedding day if they're donning a traditional tuxedo. Groomsmen cufflinks are available in all different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors - you won't have any trouble finding a unique pair for every personality! Most average sets will cost you less than $20 a pop, depending on the quality.

traditional groomsmen gift ideas

Cigar Gifts: While smoking is becoming less ubiquitous, cigar gifts remain at the top of the charts for groomsmen gifts. These include cigar humidors, personalized Zippo lighters, and cigars themselves. If your friends like to light up an old stogie every once in a while, they'll appreciate the kind gesture of one of these gifts - or a box of the finest cigars, too!

classic groomsmen gifts

Flasks: Buy a flask for each of your groomsmen to show your appreciation for sharing your special day. Flasks have been around for ages and were at one time the top-selling groomsmen gifts! These are not super expensive and there are endless options. Flasks can vary in shape, size, and color. Most groomsmen flasks on the market can be personalized for free - just like our large selection! Flasks are always appreciated if every guy in your party likes to have a drink from time to time. We're certain that they'll especially appreciate it on your wedding day: after all, sometimes a little liquid confidence is needed before toast or speech!

There are so many different kinds of traditional groomsmen gifts out there. Other popular, classic groomsmen gifts include pocket knivesmoney clips, and wallets. If none of these tickle your fancy, remember that you absolutely do not have to give a gift that's 'traditional.' Buy anything you find perfect for your friends or family, or consider a more modern idea: our most popular groomsmen gifts include beer gifts and stuff for the bar, like decanters and whiskey glasses.
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