What Is A Baby Sprinkle?
baby sprinkle is a step below a baby shower. Rather than a huge bash, the mommy can gather with her absolute closest friends and family and receive a few necessities. Baby sprinkles are more for women who are becoming a mom for the second time around (or third!) and who already had a baby shower for their firstborn. Since she already has the big ticket items from her first baby, such as a crib, stroller and high chair, she only needs a few smaller items. A baby sprinkle gives the opportunity to celebrate all babies, not just the first born!

What should you give as a gift at a baby sprinkle?

The once-again mommy probably already has larger necessities from her previous child (or children), like a car seat, baby bath, and cradle. Try giving items such as diapers, formula, baby food, and bath products that are expensive to keep up with. You probably won't be able to give her a life's supply, but you can help her stock up before the new baby is born. This way she won't have to stress about every little things right away. After all, not only does she have a new baby to care for, but other children too! Another great idea would be a massage gift certificate, a day at the spa, a simple facial or manicure, or baby sitting "coupons." Being a mom is hard! Other couples would appreciate a simple dinner out away from their hectic daily lifestyles. If they're repeat parents, they probably know how it feels to be exhausted...if they're not already.

Since a baby sprinkle isn't a full blown baby shower, it isn't as necessary to go all out when inviting guests, decorating, catering, and providing entertainment and baby shower favors. Keep the guest list to a minimum: only close friends and family are really necessary to have. Your guest list should be small enough so you can throw the sprinkle in someone's home. This not only saves money, but provides a comfortable environment for the party. Decorations don't have to be over the top: it's amazing what a couple of balloons, vases of fresh flowers and a banner can do. Less is more! Try hosting the sprinkle as a brunch or luncheon. Fresh, simple foods such as fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches are a good choice. You can still play games like Baby Shower Bingo, and if you feel favors or give aways are necessary, shop here for cheap baby shower favors.

Of course you can be as outrageous as you want when hosting a baby sprinkle. Just because most people try to be more low key, doesn't mean you have to be! If that's your style, don't be afraid to go all out with fancy invitations, food and decorations. There are tons of great theme ideas, such as a closed umbrella and a couple of rain drops (like a sprinkle of rain!), or perhaps a "Pampering of the Mom" theme. Baby sprinkles are fresh and modern, and becoming more and more popular. They're a great alternative to a baby shower for a repeat mom-to-be.
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