What to Wear to an Engagement Party
With the ever increasing trend of engagement parties, many people who are invited to one are stumped with the same question: "What do I wear to an engagement party?" Engagement parties can range from formal, five star events to casual backyard barbeques. So there really is no exact answer on what you should wear to the event. Keep in mind that the attire for an engagement party will not be as formal as the wedding, but you should still dress appropriately depending on a few important factors.
 How fancy is the invitation? Where is the event taking place? 
      A great way to easily get an idea of what you should wear to the engagement party is simply by looking at the invitation. If it's being hosted in someone's home or backyard, chances are the party is a lot more casual than a banquet hall or restaurant. Even if you're tempted to wear jeans and a t-shirt, resist the urge. Khakis and a polo are probably a good choice for guys; a skirt and sandals for girls. If the party is being held in a restaurant, men should opt for dress pants and a button down; girls - a less formal dress.

 How's the weather? 
      You dress according to the weather every other day, so the same should be applied to dressing for the engagement party. If the weather is warm and the party will be outside, you'll want something lighter and more comfortable. Cold weather will make you want to dress a lot warmer, but if the party is inside, the heat should be on.

 What time is the party? 
      An evening engagement party will call for more formal attire: i.e., gentlemen should sport suits and a tie, and the ladies should be wearing heels. Whereas an earlier party, say a brunch or a luncheon, will definitely be more casual.

      4. Use networking to your advantage. Call the host or hostess and ask them what would be appropriate
 engagement party attire
    . Talk to other guests that will be attending and coordinate your outfit according to their ideas. You definitely don't want to dress any fancier or less casual than any of the other guests.
These simple and easy to follow tips should be all you need when figuring out what to wear to an engagement party.

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