Winter Wedding Colors and Ideas For Your Winter Wedding Theme
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There is nothing more magical, I think, than a winter wedding. If I was to get married (again!) I would definitely would tie the knot during December. (I'd aim for a December 31 wedding!) Between the glistening snow covering the trees and the beautiful faux fur shawls to wear to the traditional seasonal colors - winter is an enchanting time. Check out the above blog for additional photos of this winter wedding if you don't believe me - the snow photos are out of a fairytale!

While many brides agree - a winter wedding is the way to go, I have been often asked "What colors would you recommend for a winter wedding?"

Being that the season is adorned in white - my answer is: any color compliments it! But heed this rule: richer more saturated colors are the way to go in this cold season. While any color does go, you want to stay away from pastel shades because they will merely fade away into the background. Opt for their richer counterparts.

The traditional winter wedding colors are:
  • Silvery Blue / Silver / White
  • White on White (with crystal accents)
  • White and Silver
  • White and Red
  • White / Red / Green
While those may be the traditional colors, why stick with tradition when you can create a beautiful winter wedding color palette with what surrounds you?

My suggestion is to find photographs of a winter scene that you love. I mean, fall in love with the photograph. What in that photograph excites you? Is it the way the trees glimmer as they are encapsulated in ice? Or how the sun reflects off of the newly fallen snow? Pick out the reasons why you love your photo and incorporate those elements into your wedding - including the colors within the photos. Here are some examples:

Winter Wedding Colors
I love how the red berries just burst out of this picture - bringing life to the coldness surrounding it. I've selected four colors from this photo to use in your winter wedding: the berry red, evergreen, pewter and white. I would use the pewter in the men's suits. Our winter berry ring nest pillow would fit this theme perfectly. I would also incorporate berries in the centerpieces as well as twigs and evergreen branches. It would be a very rustic inspired wedding - the reception location would need a fireplace and perhaps be housed in a log cabin somewhere.

Winter Wedding Colors
Did you ever realize that in the winter, the sky has a different hue of blue than in the summer? I think the winter sky is a much warmer, brighter blue - and the perfect backdrop for your winter wedding. These winter wedding colors: steel blue (Blue Bayoux), a bright cornflower blue, coal (or dark charcoal) grey, and bright white. This lovely combination plays off the traditional silvery blue and white, but with a modern punch of color. Dark greyish almost black suits will pop with cornflower or blue steel bridesmaids dresses. This color combination reminds me of the water - I would host the reception by a lakeside. The trees for some reason remind me of a famous location such as Central Park in New York City. Perhaps The Boathouse would be a fitting venue.

Winter Wedding Colors
Finally, we arrive to my favorite picture. I adore the bright bold colors in this and think these winter wedding colors would be smashing for a Saturday evening soiree somewhere in the heart of the city. The Navy is perfect for the men in the wedding party - and suitable enough for a Saturday evening event. The bright blue is stunning for the bridal party - and the berry accents would be beautiful within the bouquets and boutonnières. I would decorate the reception location with crystal accents and crystal trees to capture the look of ice on the branches. And of course, I would use lighting to create a soft blue glow such in the back drop of this picture.

I hope this article has brought some inspiration to you and has pointed you in a direction as to how to choose your winter wedding colors. Of course, to complete your wedding, you should also check out our assortment of winter wedding favors too!
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