Red Rose Unity Ceremony Set

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The Rose ceremony has been around for a long time, however it has not been as popular as it is today as an alternative to the unity candle ceremony.

Roses have always symbolized love and beauty so incorporating them into your wedding ceremony will be completely natural. The charm behind the Rose Ceremony is that it is a visual representation of the love the Bride and Groom have for each other. On this most special day it is important to include this love, and the love of the families that are about to be united.

The rose ceremony is incredibly versatile and can be easily customized for family situation or personal preferences. There are no rules or guidelines so you can customize the ceremony to make it completely your own. After the couple exchanges roses, the groom can give the bride's mother a rose and the bride gives the groom's mother a rose to place in the vase. For blended families, the children can each receive a rose and place it in the vase as well - for a true family ceremony.

And after the wedding, rather than having a candle which will only be stored as a keepsake, these lovely vases can be used time and time again in your home reminding you of the love you share with one another.

The Rose Ceremony includes:3 Vases1 Laser Designed Wooden StandPromise Card2 Vase Medallions with Ribbon and Sample Wording.

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