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Unity Sand Sets for Weddings

unity sand sets for weddings
Today many couples are opting to use unity sand sets for weddings rather than a unity candle, for many reasons. The unity sand ceremony is a beautiful way to unite you and your beau, and your families and friends as well. Many of our unique sand ceremony sets can be personalized, are available in unique styles or vessels, can be incorporated into your color scheme, and are also great for sandy seaside weddings! These unique wedding accessories make great ceremonial choices for the sentimental couple.

The origin of the unity sand ceremony is said to be in Hawaiian or Native American culture. Nonetheless, this symbolic ritual is still practiced in modern weddings. Some churches and ceremony sites prohibit the use of candles, which is why the sand ceremony is a great unity candle alternative. But some couples prefer to use sand ceremony vases instead, because it can be treasured throughout their marriage. A unity candle melts and is blown out, whereas a unity sand vase can be displayed in a home as a keepsake. The ceremony is usually no longer than three minutes long, and instead of lighting a candle, the bride and a groom each receive a vase with a special colored sand in each. They then simultaneously pour their sand into the larger, unity vase. The blending of the sand symbolizes the two coming together as one, and unlike a unity candle, can be kept and used as a memoir of their elopement. It is not odd for a couple to leave a little bit of sand in their vase to represent their continuous individuality, even though they now act as one.

The unity candle ceremony has been around for roughly forty years, and the sand ceremony is a fresher take on the older tradition. As times are changing, more and more people are turning to sand ceremony sets rather than unity candles for a number of reasons.

  1. It's better for the environment. Since many candles are paraffin based, there is a chance that the burning of candles worsens the air quality. Additionally, some candle wicks contain lead. Even though the United States prohibits the distribution of candles with lead in the wick, some candles are imported and can still contain it. Though there are eco-friendly and beeswax candles available, it's better to be safe than sorry.
  2. It's neater and safer. Burning a candle means melted wax, so you're going to have a drip on your table, altar, or candle holder. If you've rented your venue, you don't want to risk doing damage to their property...or have to worry about starting a fire. Even though there's always a chance of sand spilling, many people would probably prefer a broom to a fire truck.
  3. It makes a better keepsake. The candles are also going to be deformed post burning, so they definitely won't be as pretty as they were when they were first purchased. Many couples enjoy saving their unity candle as a memoir of their wedding, and some even like to re-light it on their anniversary. But who wants to display an old, used candle in their home? A sand ceremony set is forever, and they can be displayed in gorgeous vases to sit atop a table, shelf or mantle.
  4. It coordinates better. Most unity candles are only available in white or ivory, but with a sand ceremony set you have many more options with sand. Choose from a variety of colors (you can easily find the color you want at a craft store). If you're having a beach themed wedding, sand is the perfect match! Besides, how are you going to keep a candle lit with a breeze on the beach?
  5. It's beneficial to the modern family. It's very common that many couples who are getting married already have children. With a sand ceremony set, you can include the kids and other family members too. Give them each their own smaller vase and their own different color, and watch the sand blend - just as your family is blending.
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