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Tiaras, Crowns, Wedding & Bridal Headpieces

Little Things Favors offers a large selection of affordable tiaras and crowns for weddings and events. You'll feel like a princess! Top off your wedding hair with a fabulous tiara, crown or bridal headpiece. Tiaras aren't just for princesses anymore - but you can sure feel like one with our modern and elegant selection of wedding tiaras and wedding hair accessories.

The styles of tiaras vary in shape, size, metals and ornamentation. They can be so extravagant that they're fit for a queen, or subtle enough to add an elegant touch to a simple dress. Though all tiaras are made of metal, you'll find the accents will vary: cubic zirconia, pearls, Swarovski crystals - you name it. There are tons of varieties, but only you will know which one will look best.

Not sure what type of hair accessory you need? Check out our articles: Wedding Hair Accessories & Headpiece Glossary and Top 10 Wedding Hair Accessory Looks

Your hairstyle can make or break your entire wedding look. Depending on your gown, neckline and veil - you may want to wear your hair in an updo or have it long, loose and flowing. Which ever way you decide to go, remember that soft is pretty and the days of Aqua Net high hair are long gone.

At your wedding, your husband to be should see a style that is recognizable, soft and friendly. Something he would find sexy, alluring and appealing. Chances are some coiffed updo you've sprayed the hell out of, isn't what he is used to. And if it isn't what he is used to - it isn't you! Nor is it the right look for your hair.

Whether hair is pulled back, pulled up or let loose - the secret to sexy wedding hair is touchable texture. Rumpled waves are a major trend right now. Think unstructured, wild and carefree. Use a 1" barrel iron to curl the hair in different directions and seal the style with volumizing mousse. Tousle your hair to set it in just the right position as it cascades over your shoulders. Set it with a sheer hold hairspray that is lightweight but has memory so it keeps your hair in place all night.

If you must do an updo, think of soft twisted styles at the nape of your neck. Unless your a librarian from the 1950's a tight bun just doesn't cut it anymore. Think of a modern chignon with textures. Simply blow dry your hair with a round brush, add some soft waves with a 1" barrel curling iron and use some sculpting pomade to form texture and lock curls. Pull the hair into an ear level pony tail, secure it with an elastic band and twist your loose ends clockwise around the band, securing the loose ends and curls with bobby pins to complete the look.

Finally add a bit of sparkle and twinkle to your sexy wedding hair with a stunning hair accessory. Once you ditch your veil, you need something to add sparkle and shine. Scattering some Swarovski Crystal hair twists completes any look as they are small, light shimmering crystals without overpowering your look. However, pins, barrettes, combs and headbands are a simple way to bring Hollywood red carpet glamour and gltiz to your hair.

There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing the right tiara to wear at your wedding:

  • Facial structure - Like haircuts, certain tiaras may look funny depending on the shape of your face. For example, if your face is round, you may want to opt for a slightly taller tiara (and if your face is more oval, vice versa - try a shorter tiara, or maybe even a headband).
  • Hairstyle - You're going to be in a bit of a bind if you want to wear your hair down, yet found the perfect bun ring. So choose your hairstyle first, then find a tiara to match. You may find a beautiful tiara that you're dying to have, but you'll be distraught when you don't like the way your hair looks with it.
  • Style - There are headbands, double headbands, bun rings, backpieces, combs, and v-bands. Each are extremely different, look different on different people, and don't work with certain hairstyles. Do your research first, and follow the next rule: choose your tiara last, after you've chosen your gown and hairstyle.
  • Design - What do you want? What does your dress look like? Big or small, vintage or modern, pearls or crystals? The limits are endless, but you're going to want to choose your dress first and then incorporate the tiara into your ensemble. But the tiara should compliment you and the gown, not overwhelm it. If your dress has detailing, look for similar detailing in the tiara. The same applies to gems; if there are any on your gown, make sure the tiara has the same.
  • Location - On your head, of course! You can wear the tiara across your forehead, on the front of your head, towards your crown, in a bun, or even at the back of your head. The most popular is towards your crown: this is a little more than halfway along your head from the forehead, and looks great with both updos or down styles. Again, choosing a location will require a bit of research and a lot of playing dress-up.
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