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wedding veils
Your wedding veil is an essential element of your bridal ensemble. Wedding veils come in a variety of different shapes, styles and lengths.

If you are following the tradition of a white wedding, a veil is a must have for your wedding accessories. Historically, the veil was said to represent the bride's virginity and to help ward away evil spirits. But whatever you believe, a veil is a beautiful accessory to your wedding ensemble.

French Net Bridal Birdcage Visor Veil with Swarovski Crystals
Metallic Gold French Netting Bandeau Bridal Veil
Tulle and Lace Bandeau Wedding Veil
Bold Crystal Lace French Net Birdcage Bridal Veil
2 Layer Tulle and French Netting Birdcage Veil
White Lace Juliet Cap with Feathers
European Lace Petite Wedding Veil
Double Flower Lace & Tulle Birdcage Blusher Veil
Bridal Feather Accent with Russian Style Cage Veil (White or Ivory)
Vintage Couture Feather Bridal Headpiece with Bird Cage Veil Clip (White or Ivory)
Dramatically Long Bird Cage Veil (White or Ivory)
Single Layer Fine Birdcage Face Veil w/ Rhinestone Edge (White or Ivory)
Single Layer Russian Birdcage Face Veil w/ Swarovski Rhinestone Edge (White or Ivory)
Vintage Bridal Headpiece Clip (White or Ivory)
Single Layer Fine Birdcage Face Veil w/ Side Combs (White or Ivory)
Beautiful Feather Fascinator and Bird Cage Face Veil Comb (White or Ivory)
Cage Veil Headpiece (White or Ivory)
Bridal Feather Fascinator and Cage Veil Comb (White or Ivory)
Russian Bridal Hat & Birdcage Veil with Crystal & Feather Accents
Single Layer Birdcage Face Veil w/ Scattered Rhinestone Edge
Black Headpiece & Birdcage Veil
Black Birdcage Veil and Headpiece with Clip
Feather Fascinator with Cage Veil Comb (White or Ivory)
Feather Flower Fascinator with Cage Veil (White or Ivory)
Couture Bird Cage Veil with Comb (White or Ivory)
Standard Tulle Two Tier Floor Length White Wedding Veil
Two-Tier Continuous Pearl Edge Wedding Veil
Two-Tier Double Border of Satin Ribbon & Pearls Wedding Veil
Handmade Wedding Headband (White or Ivory)
Two-Tier Embroidered Border Wedding Veil
English Garden Lace Fingertip Wedding Veil
English Garden Floral Lace Cathedral Wedding Veil
Glistening Beaded Edge Fingertip Wedding Veil
Swarovski Crystal Fingertip Wedding Veil
Silver Beaded Lace Fingertip Wedding Veil
Lace Cathedral Mantilla Wedding Veil
Beaded Lace Waltz / Ballet Wedding Veil
Scalloped Lace Edge Mantilla Wedding Veil
Crystal and Pearl Edged Cathedral Wedding Veil
Lace Chapel Mantilla Wedding Veil
Vintage Lace Juliet Veil with Rosebuds
Sculpted Lace Edged Fingertip Mantilla Wedding Veil with Crystal Accents
Sculpted Lace Rum Pink Fingertip Mantilla Wedding Veil with Crystal Accents
Silver Lace Edge & Crystal Fingertip Length Mantilla Bridal Veil
Ivory Lace, Crystal & Beaded Fingertip Mantilla Wedding Veil
Pearl, Beads and Rhinestone Edged Fingertip Wedding Veil
Mantilla Bridal Veil with Crystals, Beads & Lace Edge
Beaded Lace Applique Juliet Wedding Veil
Gold Pencil Edge Fingertip Wedding Veil
Rose Lace Edge Mantilla Ivory Wedding Veil
Traditional Cathedral Length Bridal Veil
Cascading 1-Sided Bridal Veil with Lace Garland Headband
Crystal Lace Headband with 2 Layer Side Wedding Veil
Classic Elbow / Waist Length Wedding Veil
Classic Fingertip Length Tulle Wedding Veil
Classic Chapel Length Wedding Veil
Classic Cathedral Length Tulle Wedding Veil
Silver and Ivory Floral Cathedral Wedding Veil
Classic Ballet / Waltz Tulle Wedding Veil
Fingertip Length Full Lace Wedding Veil
Scalloped Floral Embroidered Lace Edge Wedding Veil
Glistening Pearl Elbow Length Wedding Veil
Beaded Pearl Edge Double Layer Elbow Length Veil
Scalloped Pencil Edge Elbow Wedding Veil
Swarovski Crystal Elbow Length Wedding Veil
Pearl & Beaded Gold Edged Ivory Wedding Veil
Floral Beaded Waltz Length Bridal Veil
Single Layer, Beaded Cathedral Scalloped Cut Wedding Veil
Floral Lace Scalloped Edge Cathedral Length Wedding Veil
Floral Lace Fingertip Wedding Veil
Silver Lace with Roses Cathedral Wedding Veil
Ivory and Rum Pink Lace Fingertip Wedding Veil
Hand-sewn Floral Sequined Cathedral Bridal Veil
Silver Floral Embroidered Lace Wedding Veil
Silver Rhinestone Beading Wedding Veil
Scalloped Lace Cathedral Wedding Veil
Embroidered Rhinestone Cathedral Wedding Veil
Mantilla Lace Chapel Length Wedding Veil
Victorian Style Headband Wedding Veil
Floral Flowers Leaves and Pearls Fingertip Wedding Veil
Dainty Silver Floral Fingertip Length Wedding Veil
Crystal Motif Fingertip Wedding Veil
Floral Lace and Pearl Waltz Wedding Veil
Beaded Lace Fingertip Wedding Veil
Classic Beaded Edge & Rhinestone Fingertip Wedding Veil
Double Layer Beaded Floral Fingertip Wedding Veil
Dainty Beaded Floral Vine Fingertip Wedding Veil
Floral Lace, Beaded and Sequined Edged Wedding Veil
Daisy Beaded Fingertip Length Wedding Veil
Double Row Swarovski Crystal Wedding Veil
Vintage Inspired Lace Elbow Wedding Veil
Double Layer Elbow Length Rhinestone Wedding Veil
Pearl & Rhinestone Double Layer Elbow Wedding Veil
Scattered Pearl & Rhinestone Double Layer Wedding Veil
Classic Double Layer Elbow Length Wedding Veil
Organza Edge Double Layer Fingertip Wedding Veil
Dangling Crystal Fingertip Wedding Veil
Swarovski Crystal Single Layer Fingertip Length Veil
Scalloped Floral Lace Fingertip Wedding Veil
Double Layer Pearl and Rhinestone Vine Fingertip Wedding Veil
Double Layer Fingertip Length, Swarovski Crystal & Rhinestone Edge Veil
Single Layer Waltz Length Couture Embroidery Wedding Veil
Floral Embroidery Adornments Wedding Veil
Pearl and Bugle Bead Satin Edge Wedding Veil
Floral Embroidered Waltz Length Wedding Veil
Double Layer Lace Edge Shoulder Wedding Veil
Pearl and Sequined Double Layer Shoulder Wedding Veil
Scalloped Pencil Edge Should Length Wedding Veil with Pearls
Vintage Lace Double Layer Waltz Wedding Veil
Sparkling Beaded Edge Elbow Wedding Veil
Sparkling Beaded Edge Double Layer Wedding Veil
Dangling Crystal Double Layer Elbow Length Wedding Veil
Silver Stitching & Sequins Elbow Length Wedding Veil
Mantilla Lace Elbow Wedding Veil
Intricate Flower Edge Elbow Wedding Veil
Pearl, Beads and Lace Fingertip Wedding Veil
Lace Applique Edge Fingertip Wedding Veil
Floral Embroidered Edge Bridal Veil
Rhinestone and Crystal Bead Fingertip Bridal Veil
Double Layer Fingertip Length Veil
Floral Scalloped Edge Veil with Sequins
Double Layer Scalloped Edge Veil with Flower Crystals
Double Layer Fingertip Length Wedding Veil with Crystals
Fingertip Length Cut Edge Bridal Veil with Pearls and Beads

Some brides break the tradition and don't wear a veil at all, or don't put it over their faces. Others who choose to wear it will lift the veil themselves rather than the groom doing it. This has come to represent equality between the two.

Over the years bridal veil styles have changed dramatically. In the early 20th century they had a very floral look: it was made of lace and encircled with flowers at the top. By the 30s they were simple, flowing pieces, then became more extravagant with over-the-top flowers, rhinestones and glitter. Twenty years later, velvet and satin materials were becoming popular, and they were lengthening. Limits were endless by the 60s, and today there is a wide variety of styles and appearances. Brides can have their veil any way they want - long or short, satin or sheer, pearled or beaded, with rhinestones or glitter.

When it comes to choosing the right one, the only person who can decide is the bride herself. After all, it is her big day and she is the one wearing it. Many are simple so all of the attention is focused on the dress; they are transparent to obscure the face rather than conceal it. Many brides will vouch for a low budget style, as it is worn for such a short period of time (it is lowered right before the ceremony, and lifted during it).

Whether your preference is simple and classic, or extravagant and fancy, you'll definitely want to ensure you choose the right length for your dress. For example, if your gown is fancy at the waist, shoulders, or chest, or you're set on flaunting the bouquet, a short or birdcage veil may be the best choice for you. Medium length and lace veils are the most popular, hang as low as the elbow, and compliment most dresses. Long veils are suitable for dresses with long trains or for a taller bride. However, a long veil can also get in the way of linking arms or picking up the rings, and can be difficult to lift. So if you decide to go with a long one, be sure to practice lifting!

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